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What color is a dowry the Islamic wedding dress?

Islam is a worldwide religion that is practiced by people of many cultures. Wedding customs, include dress, vary widely even within one country.. Islam does not permit dowry, (MORE)

Wedding guest dress colors?

Whatever you fancy, really. I have seen all sorts of outfits at the many weddings I have attended. Don't wear white because the bride wears white and don't wear too much bl (MORE)

What color is a wedding dress?

Totally depends on the color you like and the wedding style you shall have. First, white wedding dress is a traditional color for wedding, it represents purity, but now it i (MORE)

What color are wedding dress?

Traditional wedding dresses are white or ivory. Well, there are also beautiful alternatives for white bridal gowns- blush pink, pale blue and some soft tones are popular recen (MORE)

What is the most popular wedding dress color?

The most popular wedding dress color is white, or a variation of white like ivory. However color gowns are becoming more and more popular. Soft shade of pink, blue, grey, even (MORE)

Should I buy a colored wedding dress?

White is the traditional color of wedding dress though, you can tryother colors. In addition to white, now there are many popularcolors like champagne, ivory and pink. Whateve (MORE)