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What was the conclusion of the warren commission about lee Harveys oswalds role in the jfk assassination?

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Its 888-page final report was presented to President Johnson on September 24, 1964, and made public three days later. It concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the killing of Kennedy and the wounding of Texas Governor John Connally, and that Jack Ruby acted alone in the murder of Oswald. The Commission's findings have since proven controversial and been both challenged and supported by later studies.
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Was Lee Harvey Oswald gay?

There is some evidence to suggest he was. In addition, Headquarters asked the Mexico City Station to bear in mind while interviewing Ruyle's source that Lee Harvey Oswald is

Where did Lee Harvey Oswald work?

he worked on the 6th floor of The School Book Depository

Who murdered Lee Harvey Oswald?

Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald.

Who assassinated Lee Harvey Oswald?

Jack Ruby, a Dallas nightclub owner who said he felt sorry for John F. Kennedy's widow, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.

Did Lee Harvey Oswald know JFK?

No one has ever been able to show he knew Kennedy. If he had, he probably would have bragged about it at work and to his wife. So, apparently not.

Is lee Harvey oswald a christian?

No. For one, he "is" not anything, except dead. He was not a religious person. True Christians do not murder. He killed two people we know of, and tried to kill two others (

Where was Harvey Lee Oswald arrested?

Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested at the Dallas theater after being dropped off by a light coloured station wagon with a gun rack later spotted at a service station on Davis stre

Was Lee Harvey Oswald a freemason?

I don't think so, but it is possible. I spoke to JFK on the ouija board, and asked him if it was the secret service that killed him. He said no, that it was "Ozzy". I asked if

Where did Lee Harvey Oswald get his gun?

Lee Harvey Oswald bought the rifle from a mail order catalog under the name "A. Hidell" and had it delivered to a post office box he rented in Dallas. This is no longer poss

How did Lee Harvey Oswald die?

He was shot in the abdomen by Jack Ruby, causing a fatal wound.   He was shot as he was being transferred to a county jail, and died  at Parkland Memorial Hospital. It is

What was the name of the movie theater where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested following the assassination of JFK?

the Texas theater The Texas Theater is still around and still plays movies. It often shows foreign or other obscure movies (including the great horror Christmas movie Rare E

Why did Lee Harvey Oswald assassinate John F. Kennedy?

He wanted to be famous and historical, and nothing else he had tried, including defecting to the USSR, worked. Lee Harvey Oswald had an obsession for being famous and histor

Why did the Warren Commission decide that John F Kennedy was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald acting on his own?

All the physical evidence (weapons, prints, bullets and fragments) were tied to Oswald and no one else. No evidence was found to support the idea that Oswald needed or had any