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What was the conclusion of the warren commission about lee Harveys oswalds role in the jfk assassination?

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Its 888-page final report was presented to President Johnson on September 24, 1964, and made public three days later. It concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the killing of Kennedy and the wounding of Texas Governor John Connally, and that Jack Ruby acted alone in the murder of Oswald. The Commission's findings have since proven controversial and been both challenged and supported by later studies.
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Where was Lee Harvey Oswald going when he left his rooming house after killing JFK?

Only he knew for certain. What is known is that his landlady saw him at the northbound bus stop outside the rooming house, but Officer J.D. Tippit encountered Oswald almost a

Why did Lee Harvey Oswald kill JFK?

Lee Harvey Oswald was a man who never fit in; no matter what he  tried, he always ended up alienating himself from the "group". He  had the training, the skill, and the mean

Who assassinated Lee Harvey Oswald?

Jack Ruby, a Dallas nightclub owner who said he felt sorry for John F. Kennedy's widow, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.

Was Lee Harvey Oswald alone in killing JFK and where was he when he killed JFK?

Apparently, yes, from the Texas Schoolbook Depository. Theories that Oswald did not act alone don't really hold up to investigation. Oswald was a man who never fit in; no ma

Why did Lee Harvey Oswald shoot JFK?

That question is still not answered. Some think he wanted to be  famous, or he was a Russian spy. We may never know the answer. He  refused to discuss his reasons before he

Did Lee Harvey Oswald know JFK?

No one has ever been able to show he knew Kennedy. If he had, he probably would have bragged about it at work and to his wife. So, apparently not.

What happened to lee Harvey oswald after he assassinated jfk?

He was arrested days later the John F. Kennedy assassination for killing a police officer(J.D. Tippit), where they started to suspect that he was the Presidential Killer, then

What was the name of the movie theater where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested following the assassination of JFK?

the Texas theater The Texas Theater is still around and still plays movies. It often shows foreign or other obscure movies (including the great horror Christmas movie Rare E

Why did Lee Harvey Oswald assassinate John F. Kennedy?

He wanted to be famous and historical, and nothing else he had tried, including defecting to the USSR, worked. Lee Harvey Oswald had an obsession for being famous and histor

Why did the Warren Commission decide that John F Kennedy was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald acting on his own?

All the physical evidence (weapons, prints, bullets and fragments) were tied to Oswald and no one else. No evidence was found to support the idea that Oswald needed or had any

Who was the officer that Lee Harvey Oswald shot after the assassination of JFK?

Dallas police oficer J. D. Tippit (1924-1963) was shot and killed by Oswald after he fled the assassination scene. There were several witnesses to the killing, which apparentl