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What was the economic impact at Pearl Harbor?

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The economic impact at Pearl Harbor was a positive one. Women were able to receive jobs and help make war bonds in order to receive donations for new supplies. The war had taken America out of depression and made it a top country.
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Where is Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor is located on the south coast of Oahu.  Oahu is one of the Hawaiian Islands.  On the south side of Oahu, from west to east is  Pearl City, Pearl Harbor, Hickam

Why was pearl harbor named pearl harbor?

The term Pearl Harbor comes from the Hawaiian word "Wai Momi,"  or "pearl water." The waters around the harbor used to be  well-known for the abundance of pearl oysters. 

Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor?

The reason for Japan's attack (on the US, the British Empire & the Dutch) was the Japanese Army's obsession with their on-going brutal conquest of China. The United States had

What is Pearl Harbor?

A US naval base that was attacked by Japan in December of 1941. Strictly speaking, "Pearl Harbor" is the name of the body of water(technically, a lagoon/harbor of the ocean

What is the Pearl Harbor?

pearl harbor is an island in Hawaii that the Japanese bombed.   Most probably a spelling error of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, where the United States Navy suffered serious los

How did US participation in World War 2 have an impact on the change from isolationism to international involvement including the reaction to Pearl Harbor?

  Answer     the united states quickly became ivolved in World WAr II after the attack on Pearl Harbor because there was no longer a debate over foreign policy.

Impact of Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was the Japanese attack on the USA. It was very important as this was the moment that the United States entered the war. Roosevelt had kept America neutral u

How did Pearl Harbor impact us?

  The attack of Pearl Harbor was devastating to Oahu. Around 2,350 were killed and 1,178 were injured. The first wave was targeted at airfields and battleships. The second