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What was the economic impact at Pearl Harbor?

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The economic impact at Pearl Harbor was a positive one. Women were able to receive jobs and help make war bonds in order to receive donations for new supplies. The war had taken America out of depression and made it a top country.
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Impact of Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was the Japanese attack on the USA. It was very important as this was the moment that the United States entered the war. Roosevelt had kept America neutral u

How did Pearl Harbor impact us?

  The attack of Pearl Harbor was devastating to Oahu. Around 2,350 were killed and 1,178 were injured. The first wave was targeted at airfields and battleships. The second

Pearl Harbor impact?

The impact of Japan's surprise-attack upon Pearl Harbor on December  7, 1941, is difficult to over-state. While it resulted in a  temporary military set-back for America's n

What was the impact of the Pearl Harbor on the US?

As FDR said, It was a day that will live in infamy. For those who were alive on 7 December 1941 it was a truly historic day. The first thing that people did was to set down an

What was the impact of Pearl Harbor on US history?

With the Pacific Fleet out of commission and our only defense against a naval attack being on the other coast, the Japanese hoped that the attack would make the US stay out of

What was the military impact of Pearl Harbor?

4 battleships were lost, along with 2 destroyers. On the American side, 200 planes were lost (most on the ground) and only a handful of Japanese aircraft were lost to the few

How did pearl harbor impact our country?

it shocked the government and the military/navy because it was  unseen. it attacked Hawaii on Pearl Harbor, which was a military  stronghold at the time. 8 battleships were