What was the economy of ancient Egypt based on?

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The ancient egypts ecomomy is based on surplus and crops
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How is the Ancient Egypt economy?

In ancient Egypt, like most ancient civilizations, agriculture wasthe main part of the economy. Some of the primary crops produced inancient Egypt included wheat, barley, lett

How advanced is the economy in ancient Egypt?

As far as we know, they did not a standardized medium of exchange- that is Money. The Egyptian kingdom operated on a moneyless economy- though they did have a slave system ( p

What type of economy did ancient Egypt have?

They had a money system but only differently. They traded gold and of course as you know they had slaves so you had to be a government official to deal with economy.

What was ancient Egypts economy?

these websites will help you: http://www.riverschool.org/students/work/culture.e.econ.htm http://www.egyptiandiamond.com/ancient-egyptian-economy.php http://lexicorient.com/

On what was ancient egypts economy based?

We have very little knowledge of this. What has surfaced, is that the Ancient Pharoh period Egyptians appeared to have a moneyless economy. There is no evidence of any sort of
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What economy system did ancient Egypt have?

There is evidence, for lack of a better term, that the Phaoronic Egyptians had what amounted to a moneyless economy! True they had a slave class and a closed-circuit class sys
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What is power based on in ancient Egypt?

The Ancient Egyptians realized that there is an Order in the world. That realization came from their contemplation upon the natural world. The lesson they had learnt in cultiv