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Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake - Whilst a cheetah may reach 70-75 mph and is commonly thought of as the fastest land animal, this is not the case. The Rattlesnake can strike it's victim at 175 mph (a full 100 mph faster than the Cheetahs top running speed).
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What are the worlds fastest animals?

Birds are the world's fastest animals, especially the Swift and the Peregrine falcon. But, here's a break down of fastest depending on land, sea, and air. Land: the cheetah

What is the the fastest north American land animal?

  Answer   that would be the prong horned antelope and is capable of reaching speeds of 54 mph

What is the fastest animals in the world in order?

I can half answer this question. Some people may disagree but this is what I think. 1st - Peregrine Falcon 2nd - Cheetah 3rd - Marlin (Fish) 4th - The Spin tailed bird 5th - G

The top 5 fastest land animals?

1. Cheetah; 70 - 75mph   2. Pronghorn Antelope; 43 - 61mph (With speeds sustainable for improver durations than a cheetah's sprint. Note variation in speeds between the a

Which are the 5 fastest animals in the world?

5- Pronghorn Antlelope 61 mph 4- Sailfish 68 mph 3- Cheetah 72 mph 2- Swift (A type of bird) 106 mph 1- Peregrine Falcon 242 mph

What is Great Britain's fastest land animal?

  The Brown Hare is the fastest land mammal in the UK, reaching speeds of up to 45mph

Is the ostrich the second fastest land animal?

  Ostriches might be tied with North American Pronghorns as being the 2nd fastest land animal. The consensus of a variety of sources I have read indicate Cheetahs are the
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Is the zebra the fastest land animal in the world?

No.The cheedah is no, it is the cheetah, it can clock up to 60 miles per hour is  short bursts

What is the worlds fastest animal in the world?

On land - the cheetah (over very short distances) can go about 100 km/hr (60 mph).   In the air - A Peregrine falcon can dive (stoop) at 398 km/hr (242 mph)   In water -