What was the first restaurant franchise in America?

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What was the first fast food restaurant?

The first fast food chain was A&W restaurant, which was founded in 1919 in Lodi, California White Castle, the second fast food restaurant, was started in 1921 in Wichita, Kansas

What is the average annual income of a franchise restaurant owner?

An average annual income from franchise restaurants are $75,000+ however it differs from various franchise restaurants based on its operating expenses, and basic royalty's which can only be found by filing for more information directly from those companies either through their site or a Franchise po (MORE)

How much does it cost to open a Subway Restaurant franchise?

£6,000 starting fee, then you need to gain approval. You then need to pay £100,000 for decorating, plus 8% of sales revenue per annum. An extra 3.5% to the National Fund for Advertising. You can own the franchise for 20 years, then you can have the option to run it for a further 20 years.

First restaurant in Philippines?

Top 10 Oldest Restaurants in the Philippines 1) 1888 AMBOS MUNDOS / TOHO FOOD CENTER TOHO ANTIGUA (Recto Manila) 2) 1894 PANCITERIA SAN JACINTO New SAN Jacinto Food Center CORP. (Quezon Avenue) 3) 1920 MA MON LUK (Quezon Avenue ) 4) 1929 RAMON LEE FRIED CHICKEN (Sta. Cruz, Manila) 5) 1936 ARISTOCR (MORE)

Which city in America has the most restaurants?

New York City has the most restaurants with more than 23,000 restaurants consisting of a large breadth in ethnic, and gastronomic diversity that is rich in every department, from grand French dining rooms like Daniel and Le Bernardin to notoriously out-of-the-way steakhouses like Peter Luger's, and (MORE)

What was the first Chinese restaurant in America?

Some people might think the first Chinese restaurant was in NewYork, but an Internet search found several sources that say thefirst ones were opened in California during the Gold Rush. san francisco

Busiest restaurants in America?

I heard from Disney mgr I used to work with that cosmic rays starlight lounge and Pecos Bills, both in magic kingdom at walt Disney world are the number 2 & 3 respectively busiest restaurants in the world behind the McDonalds in Moscow Russia. I can't find the exact source myself just yet but this r (MORE)

When and where did the first McDonalds restaurant open?

The first franchised McDonald's restaurant, (as opposed to the first restaurant that was opened by Mac and Dick McDonald--which was 15 May 1940, San Bernardino CA), was the one opened by Ray Kroc, 15 April 1955 in Des Plaines IL.

Does Checkers restaurant franchise?

Yes Checkers does in fact franchise, they are expanding mostly East of the Mississippi river and are now growing very heavily in the NY market. Checkers is a great opportunity to get involved with a beloved and growing brand as a franchisee.

What is ohio's first NHL franchise?

The Cleveland Barons, which after just a few seasons, merged with the Minnesota Northstars (remaining as the Minnesota Northstars), and later moving to Dallas to become the Stars

Which franchise restaurant will have Toy Story 3 toys?

This is from an article on Global License. . . 'And movie fans won't see Toy Story 3 products at fast food outlets like McDonald's or Burger King, deals that were a part of the first two films. "We walked away from those partnerships a few years ago because of concerns about childhood obesity (MORE)

What is the elect franchise in Colonial America?

Franchise as it pertains to colonial America means suffrage. Upon the establishment of the massachusetts bay colony male Puritan adults were given franchise and considered "freemen" allowed to vote on local governmental issues

How much can a restaurant franchise sell for?

It depends on the location, the palatability of the product, and the popularity of your restaurant Franchise. A good way would be to look for any similar businesses that are trading publicly, then make comparisons by their value. For example, you would look at the "p/e" (market value of the com (MORE)

Did Denny's Franchise buy out Sambo's Restaurant or Was Denny's previous name Sambo's Restaurant?

Denny's was never owned by or named Sambo's. I know many Denny's locations were Sambos in the past; I do not know how Denny's acquired these stores. I have heard that Sambo's went under and sold them in bulk to Denny's, most likely as what is called turn-keys because the transition from one chain to (MORE)

How do you start a restaurant franchise opportunity?

To start your own restaurant franchise, you will need to first note that you will have to invest a lot of money into your franchise. Then you can purchase part of an already existing franchise to start off.

What are the highest grossing sports franchises in North America?

Pro Baseball: New York Yankees. Pro Basketball: Los Angeles Lakers. Pro Football: Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys organization eclipses all other sports franchises by 5 times, due to merchandise sales/rights, team endorsed products/services, the team notoriety/fan base, the facility comple (MORE)

What restaurant gives you the best franchise opportunity?

There are many franchise opportunities open to those looking to start their own business but the first thing to look into is the market you are looking to open in. Both Blimpie Subs & Salads and Burger King will offer you great start up potential but you should make sure the area your looking into d (MORE)

Is it hard to find opportunies in restaurant franchises?

Finding opportunities in restaurant franchises is easier said than done . You must have a business degree or some type of experience to even get you started to even thinking about owning your own restaurant or franchising with another restaurant.

How does one find a restaurant franchise opportunity?

Once you know how much money you have available and what franchises might be best for your business site, there are several ways to find restaurant franchise opportunities. For instance, you might find franchisors with websites that advise you of opportunities. Franchise expositions are also a great (MORE)

Is there a good burger restaurant in America?

Good depends on each person's taste. There are may popular burger restaurants in the U.S. and many restaurants serve burgers even if they aren't predominantly burger restaurants. In the North Texas area, Snuffers are very popular burger restaurants. Fuddruckers is considered good as well as Red Robi (MORE)

Where and When did they do first McDonald's restaurant?

In 1937, Patrick McDonald opened "The Airdrome" restaurant on Huntington Drive (Route 66) near the Monrovia Airport. Hamburgers were ten cents, and all-you-can-drink orange juice was five cents. In 1940, his two sons, Richard and Maurice ("Mac" and "Dick"), moved the entire building 40 miles (64 km) (MORE)

When did the first Subway restaurant open?

The first Subway restaurant was established in 1965. Subway has been around for almost 50 years. The fifty year mark will be in 2015. Subway is known for its taste and for being a healthier choice.

What restaurants are using a franchise business model?

There are too many to list, but restaurants such as Applebee's, Chili's, McDonald's, Burger King, Hard Rock Cafe, Krispy Kreme, Pizza Hut, Ruby Tuesday, Starbucks, and many more. All of these companies allow an individual or group to open up, or "franchise" one of their restaurants. Examples of NON (MORE)

When was the first Oporto restaurant opened?

Oporto is an Australian fast food franchise that specializes in Portuguese fried chicken. It has more than 100 restaurants located in Australia, New Zealand, United States and the United Kingdom. The first Oporto restaurant was founded in 1986 by Antonio Cerqueira.

When did the Hardrock restaurants first open?

Hard Rock Cafe was founded on June 14, 1971 in London, England. In 2007 the chain was sold to the Seminole Tribe of Florida and its headquarters moved to Orlando, Florida in the United States of America.

What is first step in franchising a business?

The first step in franchising a business is identifying what areas your business can branch out into. You need to remember that you are selling opportunity to any potential franchisee.

What are the benefits of setting up restaurant franchises?

If someone sets up a restaurant franchise they are most benefited by being able to be their own boss. A great benefit of someone setting up a franchise, is they are in charge of there own money and income as well. Young people are seeing franchising as a very feasible business opportunity and caree (MORE)

How can you get a cheap restaurant franchise?

Cheap restaurant franchises can be located online at sites like restaurantfranchise and franchisehlep. There are also other sites with this information on. If this is a new business venture it may be prudent to speak to someone at Citizens Advice Bureau initially.

Are there Pizza Hut restaurants outside of America?

Pizza Hut is part of Yum! Brands and is in over 120 countries. You can find a list of these countries on the Pizza Hut website. Yes,there are thousands of them.I am in India and there are around4 pizza huts within a 4 mile radius of where i am sitting.