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What was the impact of sunflower seeds on Latin America?

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the impact of sunflower seeds on latin America when they were brought over from Spain wass.....
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How do you get sunflower seeds out of sunflowers Do you have to kill the sunflower?

    When the heads are ripe: cut and tie them together and dry in the sun for a week or so. Then you can remove the seeds by either rubbing them out or by laying them

How do you get the seeds from a sunflower?

Cut the head of the sunflower off when it is in full bloom. Let it dry. Pull the seeds out. Sunflowers are super easy to grow from seeds. Bird even "plant" them.

How did the Great Depression impact Latin America?

The crisis quickly spread because of the importance of the  capilatism system. The US was the main country who used to loan  money to the latin countries, so with the big de

Can you grow a sunflower from a sunflower seed?

Yes, you can definitly grow a sunflower from a sunflower seed. The whole reason the sunflower produces those sunflower seeds, is so that when the seeds mature and fall off the

How did Hernan Cortes impact Latin America?

He impacted Latin America in many ways. First, he impacted by impacting Latin American in many ways. Second, he tried to impact Latin America. Third, he made an impact to Lati

How many sunflower seed on a sunflower?

If you are wondering how many sunflower seeds are on a sunflower, it depends on how big the sunflower is and its width. You can't just count how many are on there because ever
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Can you grow a sunflower with sunflower seeds?

Yes, that's how gardeners and farmers do it. You'll probably have  the best results with a packet of garden seeds. Culinary seeds may  not have been stored carefully to pres