How did Courteney Cox become famous?

She was a model with Ford Models. Slowly she entered acting and did some commercials and small movie roles. Then she arrived on Friends as Monica Geller, she at the time was t (MORE)
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Why do you like Courteney Cox?

Well, I like Courteney Cox because she is beautiful, smart, funny, and an amazing actress. You don't have to agree with me that she is beautiful or funny (which she is) but sh (MORE)
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Does courteney cox have children?

Yes, Coco Riley Arquette born June 13, 2004 with her husband at the time David Arquette, an american producer. Jennifer Aniston is a close friend of the couple and is the godm (MORE)
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What is Courteney Cox most famous for?

courteney cox be most famous for Friends but she's been part of television since the 80's with Misfits of science and family ties ,she was Alex p in cougar town .