What was the name of Hercules trainer?

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Chiron the centaur
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What did Hercules do?

Hercules did many things, but he is best known for killing his family (Hera made him do it), and doing the twelve labors.

What is Hercules' about?

It was about a powerful person who had to do 12 labors to marry his woman and stop evil once and for all.

Why was constellation Hercules named Hercules?

At the end of the Hercules myth Hercules gets poisoned by his wife on accident, Zues was all like "ah crap", and so he was like son come and be a god and a constellation. I think this is right, im not 100%

What was the roman name of the Greek god Hercules?

Hercules is not a Greek God!! He was actually a demigod or HalfBlood which means that one of his parent (His father Zeus)was a Greek God but the other was a motal man or woman. But he is mentioned in Roman and Greek mythology. Hercules being the Roman name for the Greek demigod Heracles

What is Hercules moms name?

In Greek Mythology, Heracles was born to Zeus and Alcmene, with Amphityron as his foster father. In Roman Mythology, Hercules was born to Jupiter and Alcmena. His father is definitely the same god in both mythologies and judging by the similarities in the name of his mother, I assume they too a (MORE)

What was Hercules real name?

The real name for the greek hero "Hercules" was Heracles, but when the Romans invaded and took over the adopted the myth and named the hero Hercules. So Hercules is roman, but Heracles is greek.

Where is Hercules from?

Mt. Olympus . Hercules is actually not from Mount Olympus - Heracles is. Hercules is the Roman name for the Greek Heracles. Heracles was born in Thebes, and I do not know where Hercules was born.

Where can you get a trainer?

That depends on what type of trainer you want. For example, you can find personal trainers through health spas or gyms. You can also look for them in Yellow Pages or you can find them through online websites. Alternatively, if you meant an elliptical trainer, you can get them from local sports st (MORE)

Can you change your trainers name in Pokemon pearl ds?

change your name? easy. but you will need:. ActionReplay DS PokeSav anyways, open pokesav, then go to name, then select it. heres something. your names dawn and your a girl Diamond:94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 E00002D0 00000010 0145012E 0152015B 0000FFFF 00000000 D2000000 (MORE)

Disney Hercules characters names?

Not sure of the Disney version, but old muscleman Herk was in a series cartoon worked up in the sixties- or at least still in circulation. Some liberties were taken with the original myths. Hercules was the lead character, he was a married man- his wife was named Hera, ran around in something akin t (MORE)

Where did Hercules get his name from?

Hercules is actually a roman adaption of the Greek god Heracles.Hercules got his name from his father, the god Zeus, and hismother, the mortal Alcmene.

What are the names of the characters in Disneys Hercules?

The main characters in Disney's Hercules include: . Hercules, obviously . Philoctetes (Phil) - Hercules' trainer and friend . Pegasus - Hercules' winged horse and loyal companion . Hades - God of the Underworld and The Bad Guy . Megera (Meg) - Love interest . Pain - Hades' side-kick . (MORE)

Can you change trainer name in diamond and pearl?

Sorry, im afraid not. once you start the game, your name is permanet. Be very careful when typing things such as your Pokemon names. if you name a PIPLUP piplup then it remains piplup forever, even when evolving. SAd, i know. i have a level two hundred empoleon named piplup. If you despertaly need t (MORE)

What is the name of Hercule Poirot's sidekick?

In Agatha Christie's novels and short stories, Hercule Poirot is aided or accompanied during his investigations by a number of characters. These characters include: Captain Arthur Hastings, Colonel Race, Monsieur Bouc and Ariadne Oliver.

What are the names of the stars of Hercules constellation?

β Her ζ Her δ Her π Her α1 Her μ Her η Her ξ Her γ Her ι Her ο Her 109 Her θ Her τ Her ε Her ρ Her 110 Her σ Her φ Her 95 Her 111 Her 102 Her λ Her ν Her 113 Her ρ Her ω Her 113 Her χ Her 69 Her 93 Her υ Her 68 Her 52 Her 30 Her 29 (MORE)

What all of the Pokemon trainer name?

what? in English please Here you go: Beauty Biker Bird Keeper Black Belt Boss Bug Catcher Burglar Champion Channeler Cooltrainer Cue Ball Elite Four Engineer Fisherman Gambler Gentleman Hiker Jr. Trainer♂ Jr. Trainer♀ Juggler Lass Leader (MORE)

What was the Roman god Hercules' sons' names?

Hercules was actually a Greek hero, Heracles, called Hercules in Rome. He was a demigod, being the son of Zeus and a human mother. Telephus is the son of Heracles and Auge. Hyllus is the son of Heracles and Deianeira or Melite. The sons of Heracles and Hebe are Alexiares and Anicetus.

How do you get Hercules?

Oh this is awkward, so when a God (Zeus) and a mortal woman fall in love or just lust. They being consenting adults and gods have sexual intercourse and the result could be a demigod in this case they named him Hercules. Be warned if you try to have a child by a god there immortal spouses usually (MORE)

Why did Zeus name Hercules after Hera?

Zeus thought that if he named Hercules a name that means "Glory of Hera" she might like the boy. She showed that he was wrong by putting snakes in Hercules cradle.

What were the names of Hercules' children?

By his first wife Megara he had one daughter, Macaria, and two sons we do not know the names of. By his second wife, Deianeira, he had four sons: Hyllus, Ctesippus, Glenus and Hodites. Sometimes it is said that he had lots of sons with numerous lovers. Answer 2 (includes wives above and lov (MORE)

Why are trainers?

if you mean "why are there trainers" then it is because the game programmers put them into to the game to help you level up by beating them

What are the names of the Pokemon Black and White trainers?

The boy character in Black and White, according to Bulbapedia, is named Touya. He is usually referred to as 'Black', though. The female character (also according to Bulbapedia) is named Touko. She is usually called 'White'. These might just be names for other languages and not for English but tha (MORE)

How do you change your trainer name in Pokemon black?

There is no current way has to how to change your name other than restarting the game from scratch at the moment. But usually there is a pokesav that is released each time a new Pokemon game fully comes out in all countries, providing you have action replay ds you can just use the generated code to (MORE)

What is the name of the krav maga trainer who works in California?

You mean the most reputable and of reliable expert skills? That would be Darren Levine; he has trained extensively in Israel under Eyal Yanilov, and the inventor of the martial himself, Imi Sde Orr shortly before he died if I'm not mistaken. He is also only one of a very few IKMA certified American (MORE)

What is the Pokemon black trainers name?

The main character as a boy, has the original name of Hilbert, and the main character as a girl is Hilda. You can meet whichever one you didn't play in the Battle Subway/Gear Station and team up with them to take on the multi trains if you don't have another partner.

Why is the constellation Hercules named Hercules?

At the end of the Hercules myth Hercules gets poisoned by his wife on accident, Zues was all like "ah crap", and so he was like son come and be a god and a constellation. I think this is right, im not 100%.

What does Hercules name mean?

The name of Hercules indicates you are a diligent and persevering worker who enjoys a routine occupation where you can do a job well and finish what you start. . You like to work at your own speed, without pressure, as you prefer to take your time to work step by step in your own way. . You (MORE)

What is the name of the monster that pain and panic turn into in the Disney movie Hercules?

Pain and Panic never actually turned into a monster. At thebeginning, when they kidnapped baby Hercules, they turned intosnakes. Later, when Hades found out they hadn't killed Hercules asa baby, they turned into worms. When they were trying to lureHercules into the Hydra trap, they turned into littl (MORE)

What is Little Hercules' real name?

Little Hercules is the nickname of a Ukrainian-born American actor, bodybuilder and martial artist. His real name is Richard Sandrak, and he earnt his nickname by being able to bench press very large weights at a very young age.

How do you change your trainer name in Pokemon?

You can't change your trainer name in any Pokémon games. If you're unhappy with the name you chose, you would have to restart your entire game, losing all Pokémon and items, to start over with a new name.