What was the name of the children's TV show 80's or 90's where a little girl was dressed all in white and had a white bedroom?

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You're probably referring to the little robot from small wonder.
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How has children's television changed since the 80's?

Its changed a lot over the years. Theres more sex, violence anddisrespect. Children learn how to swear at their parents, friendsand family. The music teaches children how to be sex icons and tohave lots of sex because thars the thing to do and also how totreat the women of America. Especially black (MORE)

Why do girls wear a white dress at their wedding?

The tradition of the white wedding dress started in Britain with the wedding of Queen Victoria. She was the first to wear a white gown, and then other women wanted to copy her, just like we copy what celebs wear today. It didnt start out having anything to do with purity.

Do you remember John the storyteller 80's children's tv programme?

I think I know what you are talking about cant really remembe rthe format but did the theme go something like I have many voices, I have been many places, many names have I and many faces, in russia I am Ivan, in Switzerland Im Jan, In Germany im Johan. in England I am John or something like that

What TV shows were popular in the 80's?

The highest rated shows in the US in the 1980s were: Cheers, The Cosby Show, A Different World, Roseanne, Family Ties, Dallas, Dynasty and Murder She Wrote.

Who created the TV show The White Shadow?

Ken Howard, who played Coach Reeves, based the character off hisold high school coach and pitched the idea for a show to BrucePaltrow, who officially created the show, though Howard had a bighand in it too.

What are names of Mid 90s tv shows?

I don't know a lots so I'm going to try my best I know one is All That I think another one is Kablam but I'm not sure there is also doug, are you afraid of the dark?, clarissa explains it all, and aww!monsters.

What was the name of the 90's children's TV program that had a frog thing that lived by a pond?

The only Frog I can think of as a cartoon character or a puppet on kid-vid would have to be Kermit the Frog from Sesame Street. the durable Muppet was originally not a true frog but a ( Frog-like creature). The name Kermit is of Germanic origin and refers to the Spring. there was a KermesFest or Spr (MORE)

How did girls dress in the 80's?

They wore neon clothing, big lacy skirts, feathered hairdos with lots of hairspray, big or LOTS of jewelry (brightly colored), leggings, and leg warmers. EVERYTHING WAS BRIGHTLY COLORED OR BLACK!

What was that made for TV movie in the 90's about a black boy and white boy who become friends while they're in an all boys choir?

It could NOT have been the more-or-less religious service comedy Almost Angels as the choir in question, was from Vienna and all-white. This was a Disney film, rare in having a religious background but it was a sort of modified Service comedy of the Bilko crossed with say, Camp Runamuck. not very fu (MORE)

Was there a 50's children's tv show with a character called Yankee pankee?

Yes - I remember it well - we watched it in the moring before school . But I have never been able to find out any info about it. I am not sure if there was a specific character by that name but Yankee Pankee the name of the show. I would not be surprised to find out that it was done by Jim Henson or (MORE)

What is the name of that children's television show based in a toy store?

arguably the closest to this category was the seasonal ( Here Comes Santa Claus out around l962 and on the Scranton area channel 2l. ( this may have been a purely local show) the title character interviewed kids about Christmas gifts- as would be expected and all of the commercial advertisers were t (MORE)

Were all TVs back then black and white?

Yes, all TVs were black and white, however if you named a specific time there was a time when the first color TVs came out that it was very rare to see them. it was only for the rich until about 3-5 years after its debut

What was the 1970's children's TV show with a black actor who did rhyme talking?

The Electric Company 1971-1977: Actor Morgan Freeman played many character on this show; either his portrayal of Mel Mounds the disk jockey or Easy Reader the hipster is the one you are thinking of. I loved that show. Besides Morgan Freeman, it also featured Rita Moreno, Bill Cosby, Gene Wilder, Mel (MORE)

Was there an 80's TV show called family?

"Family" (1976-1980). Stars James Broderick, Sada Thompson, Gary Frank, Kristy McNichol, Meredith Baxter, Quinn Cummings. Sidenote: James Broderick is Matthew Broderick's real life father.

Black TV and white TV in 1970's?

By the 1970s color television was reaching twenty years old in the US and was making a big impact in the UK and Europe. Although some countries did not start a color television service until the late 70s, most had color firmly established in the early 1970s. Black and white televisions remained on (MORE)

Does all whites have a tv program?

Absolutely not; the number of people that have a TV programs is very small in relation to the number of people who populate the world.

How did girls dress in 80's?

well they wore a thick (2/3 fingers thick) tank top and then a gray sweat shirt with the colar part cut off anbout 2 inches and alot of make up and TIGHT jeans

What was the 1960's-70's children's tv show that featured a little boy who shrank into his dads brief case?

There were two programs, both, of course cartoons with this type of super power. I hasten to add BOTH characters were adults The Atom was scientist Ray Palmer ( presumably from Princeton University) Palmer is a big name there, with Palmer Square and the Palmer Stadium, well he could alter his size- (MORE)

When were black and white television shows discontinued?

Black and white television were broadcast in this manner due to that fact that television sets could not display color versions. By the mid 1970s most television sets were color models and therefore black and white shows were discontinued.