What was the name of the children's tv show that allowed children to draw on an acetate affixed on the tv screen This was in the 1950's?

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Winkey-Dink and you, or winkey dink, for short. I can imagine this could damage the then expensive TV screens if practiced enough.
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How can you connect your computer to a TV or television screen?

You would need either a S-Video, or HDMI out on the computer or a RGB or DVI in on the TV. If you have neither of these you can purchase a graphics card with HDMI out relatively cheap. Once installed you simply connect the cable. Anything less that HDMI/DVI will be hard to read as the resolution wil (MORE)

How do I name a tv show?

For a television show, put the name of the show in italics, i.e. Frasier But for a specific episode, put the name of the episode in quotes, i.e. "Lisa Simpson, this is your life."

What kind of tv shows were on during the 1950's?

There were a lot of great actors in wonderful Westerns, such as"Gunsmoke", "Have Gun, Will Travel", etc. There were comedy showswith people like Lucille Ball, Louie Nye, Ann Sothern, Ozzie &Harriet Nelson. There were drama series such as "Highway Patrol"with Broderick Crawford. There were good shows (MORE)

What was the name of the 1990's tv show about war?

There was China Beach about the Vietnam war that ran between 1988-1991.. There was also "Tour of Duty" that ran 1987 - 1990, about at the "tours of duty" of several members of a platoon during the Vietnam War.

When was the first TV show on television?

The first television broadcasts were experimental, low resolution (30 line). The first "real" programme broadcast in 405 line resolution was by the BBC in 1936; broadcasting to around 100 viewers in the London area. It was a variety show starting with a song ("Here's looking at you"), which became t (MORE)

What children's tv show was about a land of hats?

'Lidsville' was made in 1971 by Sid and Marty Croft (H.R. Pufnstuf and The Bugaloos) and starred Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster) as a boy who falls into a magician's hat and finds himself in a land of living hats. There was also a British animated series about a land of hats called 'Hattytown Tales'.

Is the Goosebumps TV show still on television?

yes ! Halloween is usually when they started to air. Because of theamount of people who watched them they decided to start airing itagain. Its on Cartoon Network around 430 pm Monday to Friday

What was the most popular children's TV show in 1998?

It depends on the country and what those countries class as "child-safe TV shows". Top children's TV shows, depending on country, range from: . Ren & Stimpy . Tom & Jerry . Tiny Toon Adventures . Sesame Street . Inspector Gadget . Rugrats . Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles . Kenan & Kel . Te (MORE)

What was the name of the 90's children's TV program that had a frog thing that lived by a pond?

The only Frog I can think of as a cartoon character or a puppet on kid-vid would have to be Kermit the Frog from Sesame Street. the durable Muppet was originally not a true frog but a ( Frog-like creature). The name Kermit is of Germanic origin and refers to the Spring. there was a KermesFest or Spr (MORE)

Was there a childrens tv show called how?

Yes!. In the 1970's it was a TV show in the UK. It was a "how things work" type of show which had 4 presenters. Each had a speciality, science, nature, etc.. The theme tune was an Indian chant and ended with all the presenters holding up their right hand and saying "HOW".. The presenters were cal (MORE)

Was there a 50's children's tv show with a character called Yankee pankee?

Yes - I remember it well - we watched it in the moring before school . But I have never been able to find out any info about it. I am not sure if there was a specific character by that name but Yankee Pankee the name of the show. I would not be surprised to find out that it was done by Jim Henson or (MORE)

Do you capitalize the name of a TV show?

Usually yes since they are names and therefore proper nouns. Of course it is always best (and easiest) to simply refer to the show the way it is refered to in advertising: basically the way it refers to itself. Then you can never go wrong.

Why did they name Television TV?

TV stands for Television. Tele is Greek for 'far', and the Latin word visio means 'sight'. Therefore, TV, or Televison, means 'far sight', as it allows you to see images not immediately in front of you.

Name the first television show broadcast on tv?

The first television show broadcast on TV was in 1936 called "The Queens messenger". It was broadcast to just 4 television sets. The first television show broadcast on TV was in 1928 called "the Queens messenger" it was broadcast to just 4 television sets.

Which TV show are bad for children?

anything perverted like shows with strong sexual contente or strong language.. anything perverted like shows with strong sexual contente or strong language.. anything perverted like shows with strong sexual contente or strong language.

What TV sHow is were on in 1970's?

Mash, Welcome Back, Kotter, Maude, Good Times, All In The Family, The Jeffersons, Kojak, Cannon, One DAY At A Time, Chico & The Man, Barney Miller, Fish, Different Strokes, Beretta, Police Story, Policewoman, Starsky & Hutch , & Taxi.

What is the name of that children's television show based in a toy store?

arguably the closest to this category was the seasonal ( Here Comes Santa Claus out around l962 and on the Scranton area channel 2l. ( this may have been a purely local show) the title character interviewed kids about Christmas gifts- as would be expected and all of the commercial advertisers were t (MORE)

1950's children tv show?

There were many Let us take the decade as a whole: Winky Dink and you had art lessons with some sort of tracing device that fit over the Tv screen and was sold extra (May have posed hazards), on a more convenitonal angle was the long running Howdy Doody Time, Shari Lewis ( various titles, original s (MORE)

What is the TV show that said 'Draw draw draw'?

The show you're thinking of MAY be "The Imagination Station with Mark Kistler." It's been YEARS since I saw it last but I know Mark in person, and while I haven't seen him in years either, I remember him always telling his students to draw, draw, draw and shade, shade, shade!

The name of a certain TV show?

What I know about this TV show. There is a boy about 13 named Jack, and a girl named Charlie. In one episode Jack loses his condom and his parents blame each other for cheating but never say it directly. Eventually they find out with him. there was a sheriff that everyone is mean to (playing pr (MORE)

Was there a children tv show called Alfred?

Alfred J. Kwak (1989-1991) was Dutch television cartoon series that has been dubbed into many languages and was/is popular around the world. See below for related links.

What was the 1970's children's TV show with a black actor who did rhyme talking?

The Electric Company 1971-1977: Actor Morgan Freeman played many character on this show; either his portrayal of Mel Mounds the disk jockey or Easy Reader the hipster is the one you are thinking of. I loved that show. Besides Morgan Freeman, it also featured Rita Moreno, Bill Cosby, Gene Wilder, Mel (MORE)

Why are blacks allowed to have their own shows on TV?

I am one of those people you people call black... Martin Luther King was American and he was the person who gave freedom to us who are actually called unfair coloured. and you guys are fair coloured. I think we unfaired coloured people got to have our own TV shows because of Martin Luther King becau (MORE)

Do you remember a children's tv show called Fun at One?

Yes, it was with two women, Miss Ellie and Miss Ettie . I remember they showed how to make a snowman out of laundry detergent and water. I sped down the cellar to the washer and dryer area and tried it out. I made such a mess it was hilarious. Well, it didn't work. The two women were Miss Mary Ell (MORE)

Why are dangerous TV shows bad for children?

Traffic in hazardous stunts and ideas- that might even be used for comedy on TV can become tragic in reality. Slapstick comedy will use sound effects such as a slide whistle with a descending elevator to suggest comedy. One can get sound effects to give the effect an incoming baseball screams like a (MORE)

How did the TV Show Nova get its name?

The name "Nova" is used in two senses, both because Nova is ascience program. Nova means "new" in its original sense and waslater adopted by astronomers to describe a bright, exploding star.

What were some 1950's tv shows?

I love Lucy , Father knows Best , Our Miss Brooks , Burns & Allen , The Honeymooners , Leave It To Beaver , Gunsmoke , Bonanza ,

Name the best TV show?

In my opinion, it is "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" (the American version) by a wide margin.

What are some names of flat screen TVs?

Some brand names of flat screen tvs are Insignia, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and Toshiba. Usually tvs are not named as such but do have model numbers such as the Samsung 40 inch LED HDTV whose model number is UN40EH5300F.