What was the need for the air conditioner?

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To make vehicles, businesses and home more comfortable................
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What does a air conditioner do?

An air conditioner or often use AC or air con is an appliance, system, or machine designed to stabilize the air temperature and humidity used for cool in the room as well as heating depending on the air properties at a given time. using a refrigeration cycle do help evaporation for comfort cooling i (MORE)

What is an air-conditioner?

An air conditioner is any type of device that helps moderatetemperature indoors. An air conditioner does not have to be acooling system, technically a heater is also an air conditioner,though most people seem to only consider air conditioners(sometimes referred to as A/C units) machines that lower t (MORE)

What size air conditioner do you need for a 2300sqft for a home?

There are many other variables, but I would go with either a 3 or a 3.5 ton unit. i disagree... you should use at least a 4 ton. For every 500 square feet of house you need 1 ton of air. also, if house has high ceilings, or lots of glass, or poor insulation in attic, they contribute to the heat loa (MORE)

Where to get an air conditioner?

Air conditioner is a perfect device that helps to control the home environment. As hot summer days are approaching, owing air conditioner is essential for any private housing. The initial purpose of air conditioner is to cool. Today, we are witnessing revolutionary changes in air conditioning system (MORE)

What the air conditioner does?

An air conditioner uses refrigerant to transfer heat from one placeto another, such as from inside the home to the outside.

When do you need to add r-134a to air conditioner?

never if the system stays like brand new-but we all know that wont happen- add when comp starts to kick on and off & it dont cool as good as before --I have a 89 gm pickup with 650k miles that cools good & it has never been worked on

Do central air conditioners need freon added to them?

All air conditioners are a closed loop sealed system and should never need refrigerant (brand name Freon) added. If they develop a leak then the leak needs to be repaired first before more refrigerant is added. The law prohibits adding refrigerant to a known leaking system so most reputable repai (MORE)

What parts do you need to install air conditioner in your car?

1. Compressor. . 2. Condenser. . 3. Expansion valve. . 4. Receiver drier. . 5. Suction, discharge and liquid line hoses. . 6. Condenser cooling fan. . 7. Relays and sensors. . 8. A/C wiring harness. . 9. Control panel. . 10. Freon and oil. . 11. O-rings. . 12. Time and patience........... (MORE)

How do you know if your air conditioner in your car needs to be charged?

The way that you know if your ac in your vehicle needs to be charged is by checking the psi level on the ac system. You check the level with a gauge throught the low side port on your ac system. There is a great web site www.idqusa.com that has alot of helpfull information about your ac system.

How big an air conditioner do you need?

Ideally you should not use an air-conditioner at all. Air-conditioners are a large consumer of electricity and and push "peak load" in electricity networks driving the demand for more electricity generation. A well designed "passive solar" house should not require the use of air-conditioners for ma (MORE)

Why do people in Florida need air conditioners?

People in Florida need air conditioners because at times it gets to hot in Florida and they need to cool down, but it's to hot outside to go in the pool, or they don't know how to swim.

How many tons does the air conditioner need to be?

When referring to tons in relation to air conditioning, it is a measure of cooling capacity. A 3 ton air conditioner has the cooling ability of 3 tons of ice. A general rule of thumb for typical construction is 500 square feet of floor space per ton, so a 3 ton unit could cool a 1500 square foot hom (MORE)

Do you have air conditioners?

Yes! But if you're considering one, I recommend you go for a portable air conditioner instead of a central AC system. You won't have installation cost, they're much cheaper to purchase, much cheaper to run, and use less energy. Plus, you only have to cool down one or two rooms, wherever you are, as (MORE)

Do evaporative air conditioners need to be serviced by a licensed technician?

You can do preventive maintenance yourself, Cleaning condensers , the evaporator, changing filters, replacing electrical components, if you have the knowledge. However, If you are to do any servicing in regards to checking, retrieving, or adding of any refrigerant you need to posses an EPA certifica (MORE)

How do you determine what tonnage air conditioner you need?

You measure the volume of every room that needs to be cooled, add the effect of warm air entering through doors and windows, factor in the amount of insulation in the attic and in the walls, determine the average and the peak difference in temperature between inside and outside, and presto - you hav (MORE)

Is there a portable air conditioner that does not need an exhaust vent?

Air conditioners generate a lot of heat, so normally it would be counterproductive not to vent them. However, dehumidifiers are basically air conditioners that are not vented. Although they force water out of the air by cooling it, I learned from personal experience that they (or at least the model (MORE)

Does a portable air conditioner need access to the outside?

In the case of single type units, No. You simply place the exhaust hose out through an open window, or up into a suspended ceiling void (min 300mm), plug the unit into a 13 amp socket, switch on and enjoy. With split type systems the indoor unit is connected to an external unit via a flexible hose, (MORE)

Do you need a sealed return air coming off the air conditioner?

The answer is YES!! A leaky return air can suck in dust, dirt, humidity, rat and mouse poo, bugs and the most dangerous of all Carbon Monoxide! Your duct system is designed to be a sealed system. The more it leaks the more money you have to spend on equipment breakdowns and energy cost!

What size air conditioner do you need for 2800 square Feet?

It depends on your location, shade, windows, and insulation. You should be able to find a local A/C contractor who will do what's called a J-load calculation. There are also online calculators that will give you a rough approximation if you have an idea of how good your insulation and windows are.

How often do home air conditioners need coolant?

Never, it is closed system. The only reason it would need any refrigerant is if it had a leak. I fill some a/c's every other year and some once every 5 years, but that's only because they didn't want the leak fixed.

What size breaker is needed for a 10000 btu air conditioner?

It should tell you in the user instructions or installation manual,or on a nameplate. However, you can estimate the load by converting btu/hr into wattsthen dividing by the voltage you're using (e.g., 220, 110). 10,000 / 3.412.. is 2931 watts. At 220 volts it would draw 13.3amps (or slightly more f (MORE)