What was the need for the air conditioner?

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To make vehicles, businesses and home more comfortable................
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How big an air conditioner do you need?

Ideally you should not use an air-conditioner at all. Air-conditioners are a large consumer of electricity and and push "peak load" in electricity networks driving the demand

Why do people in Florida need air conditioners?

People in Florida need air conditioners because at times it gets to hot in Florida and they need to cool down, but it's to hot outside to go in the pool, or they don't know ho

How many tons does the air conditioner need to be?

When referring to tons in relation to air conditioning, it is a measure of cooling capacity. A 3 ton air conditioner has the cooling ability of 3 tons of ice. A general rule o

How do you determine what tonnage air conditioner you need?

You measure the volume of every room that needs to be cooled, add the effect of warm air entering through doors and windows, factor in the amount of insulation in the attic an
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Why does an air conditioner need a compressor?

The compressor is needed for the cooling of the air. This works the same way the compressor of a fridge or a freezer work. It uses the physical principle of a heat pump.