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What was the new form of popular music in the 1920s?

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What types of music were popular in the 1920s?

Jazz Actually, jazz as a genre had not developed yet although all genres of popular music had their bases in the Louisiana-born Dixieland although while doing research for a b

How did music affect the form of entertainment in 1920s?

Music was a major affect during the 1920's, especially due to the fact that the Harlem Renaissance was occurring, giving recognition to the blacks, and bringing about a new cu

Jazz became a popular form of music during the 1920s?

  Jazz has been an evolving form of music from it's creation. You could say that it became popular in the 20's with the ragtime/dixieland trends, followed by swing in the

Was classical music popular in the 1920s?

You bet it was. Classical music has remained a popular music venue for hundreds and hundreds of years, nothing any other musical genre can claim.

What were some popular forms of entertainment during the 1920's?

Movies were very popular, As was the radio. People loved to dance, especially the Charleston, Fox-trot, and the shimmy. Dance marathons were something everyone went to every w

Why did such forms of entertainment as sport movies and music become popular in the 1920s?

The big change in the 1920s was the arrival of radio. But first, itis worth noting that all of these forms of entertainment werealready popular, although movies were generally