What was the population in Texas in 1800?

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White settlers (overwhelmingly Hispanic colonisers from Mexico) numbered probably fewer than 5,000. The Native American population in the early 19th cenbtury is variously reported as 14-45,000.
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Texas population in the 1800s?

The Texas population in the 1800s was slightly over 20,000. As of2014 the population stands at almost 27.2 million.

What was Texas like in the late 1800s?

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Who owned Texas in the early 1800s?

MEXICO! Mexico owned Texas in the early 1800's. Texas became one nation for nine years... 1836 to 1845. In 1845 Texas joined the United States of America.

What was the population of Texas in 1800?

The population in the state of Texas in 1800 was about 7,000. By1830, the population soared to more than 20,000. Today, more than26,000,000 people call Texas home.

Who did Texas belong to in the 1800's?

First it was part of Mexico, the revolted and was it's own country for about nine or ten years then in 1845 Texas was annexed into the United States

What was 1800s theatre like in Texas?

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What was populism in the 1800s?

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