What was the population of Japan in 1945?

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127million. <-- This person before me was incorrect. The population TODAY is near 127 Million, back then, from the sites I have looked at say 800,000-1 Milion

What if the US never bombed Japan in 1945?

Answer . If you are in the US, your father or grandfather would probably have died in the invasion of the home islands. The estimated casualties to the invading forces was

Why was Japan defeated in 1945?

Because Japan did not have the resources or the industrial capacity to continue fighting. True, Japan would have been halted by shrinking materials....eventually. However, t

Who was emperor of Japan in 1945?

The emperor of Japan in 1945 was named Hirohito. He was born in 1901 and began his reign as emperor in 1926 and reigned until his death in 1989. He was more commonly known as

Who accepted the surrender of japan in 1945?

General McArthur and several Admirals in the Navy accepted the surrender of Japan and they signed the surrender documents with the Japanese officials on one of the US naval sh
In Japan in WW2

Why was it unecessary to bombard Japan in 1945?

Japan had a policy of Never Surrender No Matter what. It was necessary first to burn Japan cities from the air, and then to drop 2 atomic bombs in order to force Japan to surr