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Rutherford and other scientists had guessed that electrons move around the nucleus as planets move around the sun. * accelerating charges produce some kind of light or electromagnetic radiation.

an electron traveling around a nucleus in a circular orbit is constantly accelerating because it is changing it's direction. And according to classical theory , these electrons should emit photons of electromagnetic radiation, losing energy in the process. because they lose energy, they should ultimately collapse into the nucleus. but this does not happen in real life. the materials we see around us are obviously stable ,and because of that reason , they must be composed of stable atoms.
basically, without realizing the existence of energy levels among electrons, he could not explain the chemical properties of an atom. Also, without the ability to jump into an orbit closer to the nucleus when an electron looses energy, the atom would implode ... ouch -- black hole ... but that's another subject
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What was wrong with Rutherford's model of the atom?

Rutherford's model has a centralized nucleus that contains protonsand neutrons with orbiting electrons. This is wrong because theelectrons are shown in stable orbits and they

How do you describe Rutherford's atomic model?

E. Rutherford [1911] - Studied the 'Atomic Model' and concluded that :- . Atoms form a space with a centrally located 'nucleus' . the positive charge is in the central

What was Rutherford's model of the atom?

The Rutherford model of the atom is basically a planetary model . It places the bulk of the mass in the center, and this nucleus is positively charged, and the electrons orbi

Describe Rutherford's Model of the atom?

Rutherford's model of the atom consisted of a positively charged center, known as NUCLEUS, which also contained most of the atom's mass. Around the nucleus orbited the negativ

What are the postulates of Rutherford's atomic model?

1.Positive charged particle is present at the center of an atom and it is known as the nucleus which consists of the major mass of the atom. 2.The atoms are neutral due to t

What was wrong with Rutherford's atomic model?

In Rutherford's atomic model, the electron would be emitting wavelengths while orbiting the nucleolus. The electron would spiral into the nucleolus and eventually colide with

What were the problem with Rutherford's model of an atom?

Rutherford's model of atom stated that all the positive charge was concentrated in the center together and electrons revolved around it but the classical theory of physics sta

What was Rutherford's atom model?

It was a clay ball with pieces in it. The pieces inside the clay ball represented protons the ball itself represented neutrons.

What is the drawback of Rutherford's model of an atom?

Rutherford explained that all the positive charge was concentrated at the centre and the electrons revolved around it. But this theory was discarded as a charged particle u

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Rutherford Model . (1) Rutherford carried out experiment on the bombardment of thin (10 -4 mm) Au foil with high speed positively charged α-particles emitted from Ra

What were the inadequacies in the Rutherford's atomic model?

The atomic structure of atom was not exactly understood in the days of Rutherford, It only assumes a proton as a nucleus. It was 27 years after Einstein 's Relativity theory ,