What was the problem with computers?

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Computers have many flaws and problems, with the first and most important one being the fact that they will never be able to operate at the level the human brain does. Other problems includes the fact that they are machines and machines are prone to breaking down or not functioning in the way it is supposed to
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What are the steps to solving a problem with your computer?

It depends on what the problem is. Please explain what type ofproblem you are facing if you want more specific and directinformation. Below are the steps for resolving PC prob

How does a computer solve problems?

A computer can solve problems because it is one of the high-techmachines we use today, and if there are problems, the computer caneasily be a good source of help. Like, if you

What do you do when your computer has problems?

Me, I fix them be it software or hardware. If I don't know how to I learn by buying books, search the web, talk to others who know and learn more. If that's not what you want

What are some problem of using computer?

some problems of using computers are: - if you're an adult, and have children, they might see unwanted contents or things on the internet - if your computer is unprotect
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Why do computers have problems?

Computer's have problems because they are made by people. People are not perfect but can work out problems to a desired result. Computers do what they are told. Even still, in
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What were the problems computers had?

well some problems computers have had were the premo scepto which is when a computer blows out its control panel inside of the computer , also there is a vinched topee which i
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What is a problem in the computer?

All those extras you have can slow down your computer or glitich it up. Also when you are done using internet turn off your wireless card on your router or unplug your motem.
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What are the problems that can be caused by a computer by a computer virus?

if u mean what can they do to your computer there are many many things . delete files . copy files . share personal info . steal bank details . publish personal files .