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What was the process used to record television by filming the monitors?

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Can a LCD TV be used as a computer monitor?

Using LCD TV for Computer Monitor   Depending on the manufacturer and the capabilities of your computer, yes, it's possible. Many people do use LCD TV's for their compu

How do you use your TV as your monitor?

  Answer   It really isn't done any more. TV's and computers have a different resolution (number of lines). You can purchase an adapter, but it gives a bad picture.

Can TFT monitors be used as a tv screen?

TFT monitors can be used as a TV screen with a little modification.  They just need a "TV combo box" which helps to receive antenna  signals and transform them into formats

How do you use your tv as a monitor for your computer?

Many new computers have either a DVI or an HDMI display port. These are the digital replacements to the 15 pin VGA connector that has been around for many years. Almost all