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So they can entertain the Greek people
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Who were the gladiators in the Colosseum?

Slaves, usually criminals. However the criminals were generally not true gladiators, at times they were made to fight another criminals as part of their sentence. Free men als

What is the Colosseum used for?

The Colosseum was used as entertainment for the king and people of ancient rome. Gladiator fights, live theatre and occasionally the Olympics.

What was the colosseum?

  The Colosseum was a huge building that held gladiator fights and lots of entertainment for the king and the people of Rome.Now days people say they hold concerts and dif

What was a Colosseum?

A Roman arena, like a big stadium. This place was usually where all the entertainment happened. From gladiators to people being feed to the lions etc.

What happened at the colosseum?

The games in Rome are known today as the bloodiest exhibitions of public entertainment known to mankind. Men, women and children flocked to the Colosseum to watch the bloodthi

What did they use the Colosseum for?

During the Roman Empire, the Colosseum was used for games of all sorts. Gladiator matches, chariot races, and small ship battles occurred in the Colosseum.

Is this how you spell Colosseum?

The capitalized spelling Colosseum is used for the ruins of the  Flavian Amphitheater in Rome.   This is one of the ways it is spelled when used for other  structures, a

Where is the Colosseum?

The Colosseum, is located in Rome, Italy, and is slightly east of the Roman Forum.

What does colosseum mean?

'Place of the colossus' (the colossus in question was a giant statue of the emperor which stood outside the arena)

When did the colosseum break?

When the Europeans invaded Rome many houses were destroyed and Romans often broke pieces of monuments including the Colosseum to rebuild their houses

What is a colosseum?

  A coliseum is any large auditorium or stadium hosting a wide variety of public events such as sports, concerts, and the like.