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After the first world war, The German emperor Keiser Wilhelm fled to Holland, which is when the Weimar Republuc was set up. This new republic was unable to solve any of the post war problems and was also unable to maintain law and order in Germany. The big landlords, industrialists and aristrocrats who earlier supported monarchy were still powerful. The people blamed the republic for the chaos and disorder in the country and found their saviour in Hitler. Also, after the world war Germany's economy collapsed. Inflation, poverty and unemployement hit the people hard. The working populations was down to 8 million people, which was less than 50 % of the then originial working population. Because Hitler promised them "work and bread"(one of his powerful campaigns), he became even more popular amongst the Germans.
Hitler was a very powerful orator. His audience hung on his every word, spell bound. The wept, cheered and were determined to do what Hitler wanted them to do.
Because of Germany's economic crisis, there was not a stable chancellor in the year-1933. Finally Hitler was made chancellor from where he used his power to consolidate his position, and work his way to becoming the president of Germany. However he was made president through a political conspiracy.
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