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What was the significance of the linen clothes at the tomb of Jesus?

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The gospels appear to make specific mention of the linen cloths found loose in the tomb, to demonstrate to the readers that the body of Jesus was not taken by grave robbers. It is most unlikely that grave robbers would unwrap a corpse before removing it.

John's account is even more specific. The author knew that it was the practice among first century Jews to use a separate cloth to cover the face of the deceased, and he mentions this at John 20:7. This has unintended significance because one of Catholicism's prized relics, the Shroud of Turin, shows the image of a man wrapped in a single cloth. If scientific and historical evidence of the fabrication of the Shroud were not already available, this piece of evidence would prove it. Either Jesus was wrapped in a single cloth, against all Jewish custom, and John's Gospel is wrong, or the Turin Shroud is a fabrication.
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