What was the soldier to enemy kill ratio in Vietnam?

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For the air war; it was 2 US Jets shot down per 1 North Vietnamese MIG shot down. This figure changed after the US Navy's TOP GUN (aerial combat) school opened in 1969. For the ground war (involving US Forces), the US almost always considered a kill ratio of 10 to 1 in the US's favor. Reasons: 1. We had the artillery. 2. We had the air power. 3. We had the firepower on the ground. 4. The enemy dragged their KIA's away and/or buried them; therefore we knew there were more bodies than we found. Consequently, the score was higher. If we found 50 bodies; then we estimated they buried the other 50; body count for the battle was therefore 100. 5. The US High Command demanded a high body count.
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When was the first US soldier killed in Vietnam?

President Johnson called the death of James Davis, SP4, US Army "the first American to fall in defense of our freedom in Vietnam." Perhaps the DoD and the CIA had failed to inform him of deaths before Davis died on 22 December 1961. Perhaps the deaths of Advisers or Field Agents in 1954 until then w (MORE)

Who was the enemy in the war of Vietnam?

Well, that depends what side you are on. The war was between the capitalist U.S.-backed South Vietnam and the communistist U.S.S.R.-backed North Vietnam. The war was won by the North Vietnamese.

Who was the first US Soldier killed in Vietnam?

Peter Dewey was the first official US solider death in Vietnam. He died in 1945. The Government has difficulty recognizing him because then they would have to admit that they had US soldiers in Vietnam way before the Government told the American people. http://www.vietnamgear.com/article.aspx?ar (MORE)

What was the ammo to kill ratio in the Vietnam war?

As is "normal", figures will vary from year to year, and especially from source to source. But more often than not, the figures given closest to the date of occurrence appear to be the most accurate. During the early 1970's the figure of 3,000 rounds of small arms fire, per enemy casualty, was given (MORE)

Was James T Davis the first US Soldier killed in Vietnam?

No. See The Virtual Wall site (below) for details. At the time of his death, there was probably little or no knowledge of those earlier deaths. So his death, the first openly known death, remains in the minds of many, including mine, as a powerful and emotional shock, and we will honor him as (MORE)

How many US soldiers were killed in Vietnam war?

There are over 58,000 names on the Vietnam wall commemorating those who died due to the war. The list is growing as the effects of chemicals such as Agent Orange have added casualties that are directly caused by the war. .

Whats the name of the enemy soldiers in north Vietnam?

In the 1960's, the news media & magazines (Time, Life, Look, etc.) all referred to the enemy in the Vietnam War as the VC (Viet Cong). After the TET offensive in '68, those men were basically gone (killed off during the TET fighting). But the NAME was already ingrained on the public's mind, and so i (MORE)

How many soldiers were killed in the 'Vietnam War'?

Answer . Over 58,000 US servicemen were killed in the Vietnam War.. Answer . Casualties as of November 7 2001: * 58,209 Killed in Action (KIA) and other dead * 303,635 Wounded in action (WIA) (including 153,303 who required hospitalization and 150,332 who didn't) * 1,948 Missing in A (MORE)

Were the enemies identifiable in Vietnam war?

The basic identifier was the AK47 or SKS. If a man carried that weapon he was normally shot at. Consequently, CIA and other allied operatives kept their distance from known US troop concentrations, lest they be shot it. Otherwise, generally speaking, the NVA wore faded OD uniforms with a faded OD p (MORE)

Why soldiers dislike enemy soldiers?

It makes killing them easier. If you can work yourself up to hate the other side, you don't have to feel bad about killing them. Also, propaganda is often a part of war, so if your leaders tell you that the other side does bad things or that they don't have souls or whatever, then it helps unify the (MORE)

Who has the highest kill ratio for the Vietnam war?

Of the U.S. units it was probably the 9th Infantry Division in the Mekong Delta. Of course it is hard to say for sure. The Communists made concerted efforts to bury their dead quickly before they could be counted. Many were also obliterated by bombs and artillery fire which left few remains to be co (MORE)

What were the chances of a soldier getting killed in World War 2 and Vietnam war?

US Infantrymen experienced more combat in Vietnam due to the helicopter; which picked him up from one battle and inserted him into another firefight. After two battles, if he was needed in another ongoing skirmish, he'd be choppered into that one too.. During WW2, when a GI was in battle, that woul (MORE)

Highest north Vietnam army officer killed by enemy fire in Vietnam war?

Although not generally reported to the men in the field by name, high ranking US officers believed that some NVA generals may have been killed during B-52 strikes. General Giap, one of the few NVA generals fairly common to most US servicemen, due to his reputation during the French War, as well as t (MORE)

Did the Aztec soldiers kill their enemies or take prisoners?

The Aztecs captured them and made them prisoners. The prisoners were then used as a sacrifices in the Aztecs many religious festivals. Some Aztec wars (Flower Wars) were waged for the specific purpose of getting prisoners for future sacrifice.

Do you have a list of names of soldiers killed in Vietnam 1965 from Airborne 179?

The ARVN's may have had some regiments by that number; but not the US. The only US Army (Marines didn't use em) Airborne Divisions and Brigades in Vietnam were:. 1. 82nd Abn. 2. 173rd Abn. 3. 101st Abn (Ambl). US Special Forces are not counted. The 101st Abn was technically an Airmobile Division (MORE)

How do you find information on soldiers killed in Vietnam and circumstances of their death?

The best way is to use the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall website. Punch in the name, and the information will say (as an example): Small Arms or Non-Hostile or Aircraft Accident; Body Recovered; etc. Any time a GI was killed by a machinegun, grenade, rifle, pistol, RPG, maybe even a mortar or rocke (MORE)

What was the aircraft kill ratio during Vietnam between migs and American aircraft?

A conservative estimate was about 2 to 1 in favor of the NVAF who were flyng MiG-17's up thru Rolling Thunder ('65-'68). In 1969, after the USN's Top Gun school opened in California, the air kills reversed; and US airmen were being credited with 3 & 4 to 1 kills in favor of the US. The best aeria (MORE)

How many bullets per enemy killed in Vietnam?

Sources vary; some state 3,000; some say 30,000 bullets. The real answer might be, "in some battles it took about 3,000 rounds to kill an enemy; and in some battles...maybe it did take 30,000 bullets to kill one." Naturally, no one's probably taking into account the mini-gun that could fire 6,000 (MORE)

Was more soldiers killed in World War 2 or in Vietnam?

In America: Soldiers are members of an army. Sailors are members of a navy. Airmen are aviation personnel, normally as members of an Air Force; Marines are Marines and are assigned to the US Navy. Surely you must mean how many US Servicemen were killed in WWII contrasted with the Vietnam War...be (MORE)

How many Japanese soldiers were killed in the Vietnam war?

Any Japanese military casualties in Vietnam (Indochina) would've occurred during allied guerrilla actions, and those statistics would be included in WWII figures. To include any aircraft/airmen losses during their attack on the British battleship & battlecruiser HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse o (MORE)

What was the kill death ratio for Canadian soldiers in World War I?

The amount of Axis Soldiers Canadian Soldiers killed in World War 1 was far greater then the Canadian deaths. The difference ( or ratio) for Canadian Soldiers was 8 - 1. For every Canadian soldiers death there were 8 more Axis kills. The 8-1 difference was the highest in World War 1.

What was the kill to kill ratio in Vietnam War?

What a charming phrase. North Vietnamese and NLF military deaths were reported in 1995 as 1.1 million, against 58,200 US fatalities, a crude ratio of 18.9:1 between the major adversaries. But it's unclear what period is covered in the Vietnamese figure, or how many of the deaths were inflicted by n (MORE)

Who was the enemy Americans were fighting in Vietnam?

NVA & VC. Note: The USAF & USN (air units) were fighting against the North Viet Air Force and the North Viet Ground Defense Systems (Surface to Air Missiles & AAA fire). Note #2: The initial opening of hostilities between Hanoi & Washington was between the North Viet Navy vs the US Navy in the Ton (MORE)

What tattoos do US soldiers use to show they have killed an enemy soldier?

During the Vietnam War tattoos were generally prohibited for all US military officers and were HIGHLY frowned upon for any enlisted man. Since, during those times, mostly prison inmates and sailors had tattoos on their bodies...any man having tattoos indicating "kill markings" would quite possibly (MORE)

When was the last soldier killed in combat in the vietnam war?

US soldier as in US Army? Or US soldier being a generic term for any member of the US military? Because according to the President Ford administration, the last US fighting men killed in the Vietnam War weren't "Soldiers" at all...but United States Marines! Mayaquez incident May 1975.

What was the ratio of union soldiers to confederacy soldiers?

The ratio was 2.64 union soldiers for every confederate soldier. NEW RESPONDENT The most optimistic calculations give as an overall ratio between the two armies, in terms of men employed on the field of 1,50-1,75 Union soldiers for every Confederate.

Why would the Aztec soldiers kill their enemies?

The Aztec were very territorial so they defended their land with agility. They didnt want their magnificent empire to crumble because of enemies taking land. To be quite blunt the Aztecs hated everyone except their civilization.

Why was the enemy in Vietnam hard to identify?

Because the North Vietnamese (enemy) and the South Vietnamese (good guys) look exactly alike (genetically the same). This means that insurgent ENEMIES can hide in the general population and not be recognized.