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What was the technology in World War 1?

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Trench warfare was the main feature of World War 1 both offensively and defensively. However, due to the stalemate it caused, new technologies like tanks, flame throwers, chemical gas and airplanes were introduced. Another novel invention during this period was the use of radio.
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How did technology change warfare in World War 1?

The technological advances during the Great War were too numerous to name in one sitting. Entire books have been written on the subject. Here are but a few examples: 1) Machin

How did technology impact World War 1?

Technology had a huge impact on World War 1. The invention of  barbed wire and the machine gun upped the ante and made warfare  much dangerous than it had ever been previous

What technologies did armies use in World War 1?

Answer New weapons revolutionized combat in World War One. Combat morphed from a rapid, noble and relatively ephemeral thing to a new model : trench warfare. This new style o

What impact did new technology have on World War 1?

Tanks, airplanes, machine guns, grenades, and chemical warfare were employed for the first time in World War 1. Because of technological advancements at this time in history w

What were the new military technologies is World War 1?

There were many, more than in any war up to this point. The list I shall give is probably not all of them. The tank was invented by a British officer as a way to get across no

What was radio technology during World War 1?

Wireless radio became very popular during WWI as a source of news and entertainment. The invention of the wireless radio and newer smaller radios that were less expensive allo

What was some new technology used in World War 1?

gas was used as a weapon that choked and blinded the enemy. also, airplanes were beginning to be used. artillery, tanks, rifles, and machine guns were weapons used, but I'm no

What new technology and weapons was used in World War 1?

There were many things like machine guns and Artillary, which are giant cannons. Also there was gas grenades.  There were planes,artillery,flamethrowers,machineguns,chlorine

Role of technology of World War 1?

Many weapons were developed. One was the tank and the airplane . Both of these would change the way the war was fought.

How did the technology from previous wars differ from World War 1?

Two main new technologies during ww1 are tanks and subs. Tanks and subs were very new technology for WW1. Tanks shot enemy bases, and are still used today. Subs are also still

How did technology change during World War 1?

Technology did not really change so much during World War 1,  but this was the first war that made extensive use of all the  technologies previously developed between the 18