What was the very first game show that aired on Game Show Network?

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Match Game 73, i think it was the pilot.
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When was the game show Jeopardy first aired on television?

Jeopardy with Alex Trebek began Episode 1 of Season 1 on Monday, September 10, 1984. The first winner was Greg Hopkins who won $8400. He returned the next game, Tuesday, Se

When will Jeopardy return to Game Show Network?

GSN, which like Jeopardy! is an affiliate of Sony Pictures Television, reran nine seasons between the channel's launch in 1994 and April 1, 2010.see related link The return

Are any of the game shows on the game show network new?

Yes, GSN has new game shows as adaptations from game shows fromforeign countries such as The Chase. They have original game showssuch as Family Trade, The American Bible Chall

Where do network game shows get their prizes?

Jakhan samai thom k darai nirashar pakhee du h aat barai khuje niye mon nirjon kon ki r kore thakhan------------------------ swapno swapno swapno---------- swapno

What is the first answer to the Miami Game Show on Game Show Island?

If you ask using the NAME of the game, you will find the answer. (It's the related question below.) But since it's a short list: --- George Washington and Thomas Jeff