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What was true about Bonanza farms?

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They were farmed by daylaborers or migrant workers
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True or False All agricultural in the US is mixed farming?

Mixed farming is a type of farming that uses both arable and  livestock farming. All farms in the United States do not employ  both methods but instead employ only one or th

What was the father's name on Bonanza?

The role of Ben Cartwright was played by Lorne Greene.

Is it true the the serfs were not able to own the land they farmed?

Yes, that's true. Serfs farmed the lands owned by the nobility. ======= Answer: All land was owned by the king or by the Church. Nobody else could own land, they were simp

What is Birchwood Bonanza crockery?

birchwood is (maybe was) a decent English pottery manufacturer. bonanza is a pattern, dating around 1910. it features pheasants in a birch wood with other fairl typical motifs

Where was Bonanza filmed?

In various places in the L.A. area and Truckee and Lake Tahoe area.

What was true about bonanza ranches?

They put barbed wire around their land. They polluted water sources with animal waste. They kept hundreds of cattle at one time.

What is a bonanza?

A bonanza (from bonacia, a fortuitously calm sea) can be a windfall, bounty or riches. The term was applied to a valuable ore vein or lode, and metaphorically to any other s

Is it true that Nile Perch do not breeding in fish farms?

Sadly current test in Uganda in cooperation with the Chinese government have been almost entirely futile. This is due to the fish utilising the vast depths of lake victory tha