Who was Thomas Hooker?

Thomas Hooker (July 5, 1586-July 7, 1647) was a prominentPuritan religious and colonial leader remembered as probably thepre-eminent founder of the Colony of Connecticut. Tho (MORE)

Did Thomas Hooker invent the trombone?

No, Thomas Hooker did not invent the trombone. He was actually a puritan preacher who fell into disfavor among his peers in England. He moved out of England to Holland for a t (MORE)

Who was Thomas Hooker and what did he do?

He was a devoted Puritan Minister and democratic. He took part in the creation of the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut in 1639. He founded Hartford, Connecticut. . Credit (MORE)
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What is thomas hookers signature?

Thomas Hooker's (founder of the Connecticut Colony) signature is: (can find more info on wikipedia)
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Who was thomas hookers enemies?

His enemies were quin chin bing-shun the ancient ruler of Hrothgarand his legience of lumidonions along with their god Lordgenitilion.