What was wrong with the information relied upon by the and other agencies refer to the attributes of information quality in your response?

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What are the attributes of good information?

Currency - is the information up to date?. Accuracy - accurate for its use - i.e. daily production figures, weekly sales figures, monthly overall figures, yearly production f

Attributes of information quality?

Attributes of Information quality are Intrinsic IQ, Contextual IQ,Representational IQ, and Accessibility IQ. They're used to measurethe quality of the information provided to

What is wrong about relying upon stereotypes?

Incomplete information and incorrect conclusions are what is wrong about relying upon stereotypes. Stereotypes draw upon simplified generalizations which at their best emphasi

Which agency is primarily responsible for informing the public about a flu epidemic?

In the US, it is the CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, based in Atlanta, GA. In the UK there is the NHS, National Health Service. Each US State has a State Depa

Who relies on the information in a public audit?

because the parties that rely on their work extend beyond the client (often a corporation) who pays them, to the business and financial community, including stockholders, inve