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What wavelengths are used for radio frequency?

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In round figures 1 Km (AM broadcast radio) to 0.1 mm (microwave).
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What radio frequency is used for 802.11g?

2.4GHz microwave, a band assigned for low power unlicensed users (including microwave cookers) that must tolerate interference from any other user of the band, even if the int

What type of frequency and wavelength does radio waves have?

One convenient working definition of 'radio' is: Electromagnetic radiation with frequency up to 300 GHz / wavelength down to 1 millimeter. 'Radio' is our name for the lowest

What is the frequency of radio farda in radio in US?

Radio Farda is beamed to Iran, from Prague, Czech Republic, in the Persian language. Since it's meant for the Iranian audience, its radio signal is concentrated in that di