What weather does Illinois have?

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average of 70-90 in summer. around 20 in winter. storms can be tornadoes to hail to flooding.
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What is the weather like in Joslin Illinois?

For today, Monday, July 14, 2008, the weather is clear and 86. That is slightly warmer than Chicago (where I am) as Joslin is almost directly west near the Iowa border & Missi

What is the weather like Illinois?

The weather in Illinois is warm in the spring,hot in the summer,cool in the autumn,and super cold in the winter.Sometimes in the spring there might be a tornado and in the win
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Does the weather in Illinois predict the weather in Ohio?

Not exactly. Weather systems in the United states generally moveeastward, so a weather event that is effecting Illinois will likelyaffect Ohio in some way a few hours later. H