What website offers free music downloads with no credit card reqired?

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Were can you download free music without using a credit card?

ANSWER BY LEONI GREEN, HULL AGE 12 . First you need to download Limewire from the internet. Not hard, just type Download limewire in google.. Once you have downloaded it to your desktop, and have instant access, you can type the song in the search bar, and tons of results will come up. Click on (MORE)

Where to get free legal music with no credit card?

Answer You can't get completely free music legally on the internet. You're only real option is to burn music (borrow from friends) to your computer and do what you wish with it from there. If you happen to have a Mac you can use a program called Acquisition and use it for free downloading for awhil (MORE)

Is there a music downloading website that legally doesn't require a credit card?

yes, limewire is free! download limewire onto your computer, transfer the songs onto windows media player, and download onto iPod Answer YES! there is .... lime wire is a greart way to download music for free ... but u have to get the free edition of it off the internet i think it is 7.0 or som (MORE)

Where can you download free music with no membership or credit card and software?

you can try http://www.esnips.com/usersignin/index.jsp but depending on what song you click on you may or may not need membership. But you dont have to pay anything so it really doesnt matter.. or youtube. If you write the song you want and then write download link on the search line on you tube th (MORE)

On which websites can you legally download free music?

Certain music is considered to be in the public domain and is royalty-free. For more information, see the link below.. you can download free music off music jesus but first you have to register and you can download music to your very own playlist . you can download free music off music jesus b (MORE)

What website can you download music free?

There are lots of places that offer free music. Even iTunes and Amazon have free music available to legally download, you just have to look for it. also youtube converter! remember it's all free here is a tip: go on to youtue converter and load up youtube aswell! if you want a song to downlo (MORE)

Free music downloading websites?

4shared.com i guess you just download and then boom it aperars on your ipod or maybe mp3 or apple.com but i dont think its free so 4shared.com WARNING: it might have an exclemation point when u do not listen to it very long so you have to download againso i d k but hope this helped!

Where can you download free music without using credit card online?

best way to do it is go the bands MySpace or Pure Volume, take the URL from the top of the page and then go to www.file2hd.com Enter the URL, agree to t&c and then it will give you everything located at that URL in file form Right click, and save as Music is generally down the bottom of the (MORE)

What is the best website for downloading free music?

IDK but i do know that iPod nano 4th generation is one of my favorite types of eletronics of all time. Maybe apple.com i guess?? Question : whats the best chat website? Question : Wats the best country to go to learn history and culture and actually ENJOY it?h Answer :I would particu (MORE)

What is a website you can download music for free?

There are several web sites available where you can download free music. Amazon and iTunes are two sites that have some free music. These sites are legal. You have to be careful. P2P sites like Limewire and BearShare are actually sharing music illegally, and are an easy way to get a virus. It is bes (MORE)

What is a website that you can download free music?

Legally you can download free sample music from iTunes, as well as some others, but iTunes is probably the most noteworthy, truly free, site. Other sites like Beemp3 Search the web for downloadable files, the majority of these downloads are illegal, but not all, there is not a great way to different (MORE)

What are good free websites to download free music legally?

Though many people think they have the answer to this question, they do not. There are many sites that STREAM popular songs, and as far as legality goes, I'm sure a simple Google search could turn up what you're looking for, but if you're looking for one site where you can legally download any song (MORE)

What free music download websites are there?

Tubidy is a good one. But it can be quiet complicated so listen up on instructions on how to access it ( well this is for me on my mobile (( blackberry )) ) step1. get the internet up step2. go on google step3. type in "tubidy" in the search bar step4. click on the one that says Tubidy F (MORE)

What is the website called where you can download free music?

Well, limewire was deleted for illegal p2p file sharing. I do believe that it is illegal and you can certainly get arrested for it. It would be incredibly irresponsible for someone to give you advice as to how to steal from the artists you are listening to.

What website can you download flute music for free?

if you type it into youtube and you like something just copy the web address and in another tab type in on goole flvto.com, then just paste the web address in to the bar that you do it in, then just convert it the download it. it all for free and i find that it works brilliantly.

Which websites offer music downloads for free?

There are only a limited number of websites offering free music downloads. Companies would rather charge consumers a small fee. Free music can be listened to using Youtube, or Pandora radio.

What producers offer free downloadable music?

The Music Producer software is available on free download.In this way you can write your own material and have it for free.It is unlikely that any professional music producer will offer music for free.

Where can one get a free credit card offer?

It is not clear as to what one is referring to as a free credit card offer. There are credit cards that do not have a yearly fee that are available from almost all popular credit card companies such as Visa and MasterCard. The cards that have a yearly fee are usually ones that offer rewards progra (MORE)