What were Cinderella's slippers made from?

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The whole glass thing came from a mix up in words. Charles Perrault wrote the familiar version of the story in the 17th century and at the time squirrel fur (whcih is what he wrote)was called "Vair". Unfortunetly "Verre" meant glass. In the earliest writings from ancient china there is no mention of glass or squirrel fur; gold thread with solid gold soles is fairly popular.
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Is Cinderella's fairy godmother married?

She is evidentally, like a senior-citizen Wonder Woman a celibate Angel type. On Earth she may have been a Lady-In-Waiting to a Queen or Noblewoman. It is not really relevant to the story, is it? The Three Graces in Sleeping Beauty were originally Nuns named Faith, Hope, and Charity but Disney could (MORE)

How do you get a slipper on a goldfish?

Answer . Usually, people don't put slippers on goldfish. But, if you really wanted to, you'd need a teeny-tiny slipper. If you're talking a human-sized slipper, well then, good luck. But if you actually find a puny little slipper at Petco, you might need four. First, take your goldfish out of its (MORE)

What was Cinderella's true name?

What may have been the original story used a character named Rhodopis. Other versions since then have used a variety of names.

Who invented slippers?

The man who invented slippers is Alvin Slipper. Obviously the name slipper came from alvin's last name.

What are Lady Slippers?

A lady slipper is a type of orchid. The pouch collects insects thatpollinate the plant. It is also called the moccasin plant

What year was Cinderella's ball?

Fairy tales take place out of normal time signature-Once Upon a time. I would assume it would be her Sweet Sixteen or seventeen Birthday Bash, or something like that. It was a Ball, not a Prom as somebody wrote in Proms are held by schools, not palaces.

Who invented the slipper?

The first Slipper bathtub was made by a Portuguese company called Metalurgica RECOR. Designed in 1992, was first sold in early 1993 to UK and USA markets and later same year, all over the world.

What is Cinderella's story?

Cinderella's story... Cinderella lived a very happy life with her father ( no mother in the picture) until her father married a lady ( her step mother) who had 2 daughters around the same age as Cinderella. Cinderella's father died and she lived in her father's house with her evil step mother and (MORE)

In the wizard of oz what made the ruby red slippers so special?

What made the red ruby slippers so special was that they were magic shoes. And Dorothy Gale could of went home all along, but instead she staid and help her friend the scarecrow get a brain, the tinman get a heart, and the lion get courage. They were also special because they sent her to Kansas from (MORE)

What are slippers used for?

Slippers are worn on the feet to provide warmth and comfort when more formal or practical footwear is not needed, usually in or around the home.

Why were slippers made?

Slippers, like all footwear, were originally made to protect the feet. Later, as various types of footwear became specialized and formalized, slippers were designed as mainly indoor footwear which could easily be slipped on (hence the name) on arrival home, or in a building, to cover the feet once (MORE)

Who created the slipper?

A man named Alvin Slipper created and invented the slipperfootwear. He made this invention in the late 19th century.

What were the bows on the ruby slippers made of?

The ruby slippers in the beloved 1939 film version of 'The Wizard of Oz' were designed by Adrian Adolph Greenberg ka Gilbert Adrian [February 3, 1903-September 13, 1959]. The design was put into place on silk pumps from the Innes Shoe Company of Los Angeles, California. Adrian's bows were pieces of (MORE)

Is Cinderella's slipper plastic or fur?

Back when the story was first made in about the 11th century, the most expensive thing of the time was fur. That is why the slipper was originally fur. However, because of modern styles, changes in economy, and Hollywood magic, the fur slipper turned into a glass slipper.

Are the ruby slippers in 'The Wizard of Oz' made of real rubies?

No , the Ruby Slippers in the beloved 1939 film version of 'The Wizard of Oz' weren't made of real rubies. They were designed by Adrian Adolph Greenberg ka Gilbert Adrian [March 3, 1903-September 13, 1959]. As many as seven pairs may have been made. But only four were used in the film.. The four pa (MORE)

What color is Cinderella's carriage?

oddly this is not stated in the tale, it might have been Orange and Black, in keeping with the Pumpkin origins. . That could be true but wasnt it white? Because white is pretty and it states purity

How do you knit slippers?

Knitting slippers is simple. Cast on 29 stitches. Knit as many rows as you need to fit your foot. Then start knit knit purl purl for as many rows as you need. Cut a tail and pull a plastic needle through the stitches. Take it off the needle along with the stitches and pull tight. Then sew in and out (MORE)

Why you have slippers?

I have slippers to keep my feet warm and so I don't need to wear outside shoes indoors

What is cindrella's slippers made off?

it is seen in the movie,she has glass slippers. but it is said that the author of it wanted the slippers made out of fur but he jumbled the words by mistake....(he was french)

Are slippers shoes?

Yes. Slippers are a special type of shoe designed exclusively for comfort and indoor use.

What was Cinderella's problem?

her father married evil person who envied/ hated Cinderella that's the main conflict but also she couldn't attended the ball could be true too

Do you wear slippers?

I most certainly do wear slippers. We don't allow shoes in thehouse, they come off at the door and we change straight into ourslippers. It keeps the carpets clean and our feet warm.

What were Cinderella's slippers made of in the original fairy tale?

No one knows for sure what the slippers were originally made of. However, it is possible that they were originally fur slippers. Fairytales like Cinderella were passed down orally, so it is likely that some words were mistaken for other words that sound similar. When the story of Cinderella was told (MORE)

Why didn't Cinderella's glass slipper disappeared when all the other things dissapeared at midnight?

\n. I'm not positive, but I think it's because the glass slippers were never anything else. Like, originally, the pumpkin was an onion, or something like that, the horses were mice and her beautiful dress was just rags. But the glass slippers were real, they weren't anything other than glass slippe (MORE)

What is Cinderella's personality?

Cinderella's personality shy, kind, good, sweet, friendly, clever, intelligent, persistent, hardworking, enduring, hopeful, patient, beautiful, strong minded, strong willed, forgiving, loyal, independent, responsible, resourceful, capable and a lot more Hope that helped :)

For what purpose are wool slippers made for?

Wool slippers are made for comfort. If you want some comfortable slippers that can keep your feet warm when it's cold or some slippers that make a fashion statement, then wool slippers are right for you.

What is Cinderella's carriage made of?

Cinderella's carriage was made from a pumpkin. Cinderella is riding the pumpkin carriage to the castle ball where she loses a shoe. The prince is then determined to find the girl that lost the shoe.

Is 'slipper' a noun?

Yes, the word 'slipper' is a noun; a word for a comfortable slip-onshoe that is normally worn indoors; a word for a thing.

What is the adjective for slipper?

The noun slipper does not have an adjective: you would use the noun as a noun adjunct. *The word slippers (slip-on shoes) is not directly related to the adjective slippery .

Is slippers a noun?

Yes, the word 'slippers' is a noun , the plural form of thenoun 'slipper'; a word for a type of footwear; a word for a thing(things).

What is pink Cinderella's name?

Cinderella. The Disney version is, however, usually depictedwearing blue; Disney princess in pink are Sleeping Beauty (whoseactual name is Aurora, though when she was growing up in hiding shewas told it was Briar Rose). (Rapunzel also usually wears pinkishcolors.)