What were George H W Bush's mistakes?

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His biggest mistake was either promising not to raising taxes (if you're a Democrat) or breaking the promise (if you're a Republican)
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Who are George H. W. Bush's children?

George and Barbara Bush had 6 children - 4 sonsand 2 daughters. They are . George Walker Bush (born July 6, 1945) . Pauline Robinson Bush (born Dec, 20, 1948, died Oct.

What were george w bush's mistakes?

Let's review Bush's impact since 2000 at home and abroad, in no particular order: 1. Lied about WMD. 2. Unilaterally invaded a sovereign nation without provocation and ju

Who is George H. W. Bush's wife?

His wife's name is Barbara Pierce Bush (b. June 8, 1925). She isthe mother of ex-president George W. Bush. They were married onJanuary 6,1945 in Rye, NY.

Who was George H W Bush's opponent?

He was the Vice President under Ronald Reagan. He was successful in defeating Michael Dukakis in the election of 1988, becoming the 41st president of the US. He lost to Bill
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Who were George H W Bush's parents?

His father was Prescott Bush (May 15, 1895 - October 8, 1972) and his mother was Dorothy Walker Bush (July 1, 1901 - November 19, 1992),
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Who were George H W Bush's siblings?

George H. W. Bush has three brothers and one sister. He is the second of five children. The children of Prescott Sheldon Bush (1895-1972) and Dorothy Walker (1901-1992) ar
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Who are George H W Bush's grandchildren?

Grandchildren of George and Barbara Bush . Jenna Bush Hager . Barbara Pierce Bush . George Prescott Bush . Noelle Bush . John Ellis Bush, Jr. . Lauren Pierce Bush Laure