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What were some of Samuel de Champlain's Interactions with Natives?

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What are all of Samuel De Champlain's jobs?

Samuel de Champlain was a French colony navigator, cartographer,  draughtsman, soldier, explorer, geographer, enthnologist, diplomat,  chronicler and the founder of Quebec c

What were some of Samuel de Champlain's accomplishments?

Samuel de Champlain built a colony in Quebec he developed a fur trading post with the natives. He went on raids and was the first European to find Lake Champlain which he name

What was Samuel de Champlain's destination?

champ is tha best Samuel de Champlain's destinations were, Canada and North America. Just ignore the "champ is tha best" on the top, that's not even an answer.

What were some of Samuel de Champlain's major explorations?

Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec as the first permanent French colony in North America. He was important in helping persuade the French government that further explorations