What were the US Secret Service code names for candidates John McCain and Sarah Palin and spouses?

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John McCain: Phoenix
Cindy McCain: Parasol
Sarah Palin: Denali
Todd Palin: Driller
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Why did John McCain choose Sarah Palin as his running mate?

Choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate was apparently meant to accomplish the following: . Rally the conservative base without alienating the center. . Increase support a

What is the name of Sarah palin son?

Gov. Palin has two sons named Track and Trig. Her one son, Trig. His full name is actually Trig Paxton Van Palin. No joke. She's a big rock fan... and a Van HALEN fan Tr

Why did John McCain pick Sarah Palin for VP?

"she is loyal to the bone for all things Alaska. Why she even said if she becomes VP it will be the best thing to happen to Alaska since they joined the Union! She can use her
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Is john McCain hooking up with Sarah Palin?

USING WHAT ORGAN????????????????? i don't think they are hook up because McCain has a Cindy and she is hot but, Sarah is not. Sarah has a hot husband.....
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Is John McCain datin Sarah Palin?

NO.. Sarah Palin has a husband named Todd and children.. John McCain has a wife named Cindy.. I don't think they are having an affair.. So no.. Not even close.
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Did the Republican Party force McCain to pick Sarah Palin?

According to John McCain, no. According to others, you may take your pick of opinions, from Christian Conservative conspiracies making him do it to the outright crude suggesti