What were the Vikings of Scandinavia?

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The Vikings settled Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. They would raid countries and fish for food. The Viking Age lasted from a.d.800 to a.d.1100.
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Why did the Vikings left Scandinavia?

They could leave because climate change was melting the ice around their home. They left because they couldn't grow crops in the cold weather! By the way, as for your question

Why did the Vikings not like Scandinavia?

This question is founded on an incorrect assumption, namely that Vikings did not like Scandinavia. They chose to live in Scandinavia and raised their families there. However,
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Where did the Vikings live in Scandinavia?

The term Viking, though used to denote ship-borne explorers, traders and warriors, is actually a verb describing the acts of the Norsemen who originated in Norway, Iceland, De