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What were the different classes of ancient india?

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The classes, or castes, of ancient India were the brahmins, kshatriyas, vaisyas and sudras. The brahmins were the priest class, the kshatriyas the ruler and warrior class, the vaisyas the merchants, artisans, farmers, etc., and the sudras the peasants and laborers. There were also the "untouchables." They were the people who did not belong to any of the formal castes, and were thus looked down upon. They were typically given the occupations that members of the other castes found dishonorable or unclean.
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What are the social classes in Ancient India?

    The caste system was used in Ancient India.     It consisted of:   * Raja- Ruling Kings  * Brahmin- Teachers/Priests  * Kshatriya- Rulers and Warrior

Why was the caste system of ancient India different than the pyramid type class system of ancient Egypt?

The caste system in ancient India was similar to the one in Egypt,  but the Indian one had more to do with religion. For example, if  you were born into a family in the lowe

What is the social classes in Ancient India?

Kings ruled the land Brahmins were the priests teachers and judges  Kshatriyas were the warriors or knights Vaisyas were the farmers  and merchants Sudras were the craftwork

What are the different social class categories in India?

Whether you happen to like it or not, Rumpy is speaking truth. These terms are fuzzy because they are simply fuzzy. There is no concrete basis to back anything up or nail it d