What were the good things about the Great Depression?

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There were many good things that happened because of the Great Depression. Families and people came together and helped one another.

People with secure fixed incomes did very well because prices were so low .

The CCC was created to provide jobs for unemployed people that helped rebuild the countries infrastructure. They replanted many of the country's forest and helped control erosion.
there were also many other new deals.

There is another thing that you forgot. People could get more rest because they didn't have to carry all that heavy gold around in their pockets. The government stole it and gave them nice light paper money for it.

Another thing that was great about the depression was that people with VD could get free health care from a government program.
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What was the Great Depression?

The Great Depression was a worldwide economic downturn starting inmost places in 1929 and ending at different times in the 1930s orearly 1940s for different countries. It was the largest and mostimportant economic depression in the 20th century, and is used inthe 21st century as an example of how fa (MORE)

When was the Great Depression?

The Great Depression It began in the wake of the stock market crash of October 1929 andlasted until at least 1933. The end varied somewhat from country tocountry, and there is some disagreement as to when it ended in theUS. Programs to address the Depression began in earnest in 1933 afterthe electi (MORE)

Where was the Great Depression?

The Great Depression was a worldwide event, although manyeconomists (but definitely not all) say that the stock market crashin the United States began it.

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What did the Great Depression do?

the great deppresion was where all economics were destroyed as all the crops and farming's were destroyed with drought :D im smarticle

Why was the Great Depression called the Great Depression?

The devastation it had not only on our country but on the other countries around the world. The bottom fell out of the stock market ; people that were financially solvent one day - literally the next day were penniless. People lost their homes, farms, businesses. People were put out onto the street (MORE)

Why was the Great Depression?

The great depression was a human characteristic of the stock market which caused no food some no clothing and lost of lives so be sure to help people poor today cause one day you ll be in depression soon answers from nika love the world and remember the world is full of depression

What things happened during the great depression?

The Bonus Army marched on Washington, DC protesting about thegovernment's failure to provide the "Bonus" promised them forfighting in WW1.Roosevelt setup the CCC and WPA to get people backto work, began the New Deal, started Social Security, and payedfarmers to plow crops to prop up prices. Congress (MORE)

What were good effects of the Great Depression?

The Great Depression created more social cohesion in the United States, a sense of people "rallying together." FDR was elected because of the Depression--and FDR is widely considered one of the three or four best presidents in the history of the United States. Many of the Depression-era initiatives (MORE)

Was the Great Depression during the Depression?

That's why it is called "the depression," because it was the biggest time of great financial hardship in the recent past. "The Great Depression" and "The Depression" are the same thing. Although, some people talk about us entering "a depression" sometimes, and they are talking about the economy now, (MORE)

How did the Great Depression?

The stock market crash in 1929 started the Great Depression, wipingout people's investments along with the failure of the bankingsystem. It ended at the beginning of World War 2, when largeamounts of money were needed to finance the war.

What and when was the Great Depression?

Causes of the Great Depression in the United States: . The stock market crash, structural weakness of the economy, overproduction, maldistribution of wealth and an international crisis contributed to the Great Depression in the United States.. Hoovers Response: . Hoover was interested in wor (MORE)

Are you In A Great Depression?

I think that we are aproaching a great depression. Over 25% of the population has been laid off or lost their jobs. Our economy is getting at its worst it's been since 1941.

Was the great depression really depressing?

For most people, it was. But the term "depression" describes an economic condition, not an emotional one. Any "depression" is a strong decrease in the amount of economic activity in a country or region, leading to lower production, lower employment, and lower capital investment. On a chart of such a (MORE)

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Why did you have a Great Depression?

because after WW1, Germany was paying for all of the war debt.. we were partying in a time called the roaring 20's.... people were putting money in stocks.. which was fine until they paid for stocks with credit.( almost like a credit card) they paid for stocks with money that they didn't have.. the (MORE)

What were the people of the Great Depression depressed about?

Great depression is a time when there was an economic depression i.e. lack of demand(just like the recession we've just experienced). So people were depressed about losing their job, their houses, and all that kind of stuff. No seriously, it wasn't a social phenomena, it was an economical event th (MORE)

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Why do they have the Great Depression?

No One Actually Tried To Have One It Was When Every One Saw That They Where Spending To Much For Stupid Things And The Stock Market Crashed Because of It And It Led Into What They Call The Great Depression

What are two things the Wagner Act accomplished during the Great Depression?

The Wagner Act (The National Labor Relations Act of 1935) was created to protect workers' right to unionize. The National Labor Relations Board was created to enforce the NLRA and conduct secret ballot elections to determine if employees want to be represented by a union. It also investigates unfair (MORE)

What is a good analogy for the Great Depression?

The recession of 2008 and the Great Depression of the 1930s have similar beginnings. Financial meltdowns caused a reduction in consumer spending which lead to unemployment in great numbers.

Was the Great Depression depressing?

yes, but that's not what its all about. the great depression was a time when marketing was low and many people couldn't afford anything...... they almost all lost their jobs. started in1929

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What are six things that started the Great Depression?

There were several major causes of the Great Depression in the United States. 1. Unequal distribution of wealth. There was not a large middle class. While wages were rising for the majority of workers, they were not keeping pace with the increase in the cost of living or the wealth in the hands of t (MORE)

How did over production of farm goods lead to the Great Depression?

crops got depressed, when they sold the crops humans got greatly depressed . Over production means that there is too much supply for the existing demand, which results in lower prices, which results in the over producing business becoming unprofitable and failing. However, that was not a major cau (MORE)

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What is the answer to the Great Depression?

The great depression is when the stock market crashed in the states. People lost their jobs, money lost its value, fear, stress, lack of hope, and only the rich could manage the depression and even then people struggled, there were beggars everywhere, people lived on the streets, Many people starv (MORE)