What were the men doing at Pearl Harbor when the attack began?

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Not all were sailors of course, my grandfather was in the Army and stationed at Scholfield Barracks near Wheeler Field. At the time of the attack most of the soldiers were in the breakfast line, many men were killed right there. They were getting ready to go to Sunday mass....reading their letters from home,cleaning gun barrels, knapping in their onboard cots, you know, relaxing...it was the weekend.  A lot were sleeping. It was Sunday morning, they were sailors and many had been out late on Satuday night.
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How many crew men were on the battleshipsa during the attack on pearl harbor?

Most US Sailors were on leave or otherwise off the battleships during the attack, and/or managed to abandon ship when the attack came. However, the battleship USS Arizona, was

What were Japanese diplomats doing prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor?

They were trying to figure out a way to give the USA the declaration of war only moments before the attack so that the surprise would not be outside of the rules of war. They

How long were the men stationed at Pearl Harbor before it was attacked?

Pearl Harbor had been a Navy base since the 1890s, and Hawaii had been a US territory since that time. In those days there were violent anarchists, many of whom were working m

What began the attack of Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese needed to acquire sources of raw materials in southeast Asia and knew that doing so by force would involve the US in military action. So they struck first, with t