What were the names of Actaeon's Hounds?

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Aëllo. f. "Whirlwind".
Agre. f. "Hunter".
Alce or Alke. f. "Might; Valor".
Argiodus. m. "White-tooth".
Asbolos. m. "Soot".
Canache. f. "Gnasher".
Cyprius. m. "Cyprian".
Dorceus. m. "Gazelle".
Dromas. m. "Runner".
Harpalos. m. "Grasper".
Harpyia. f. "Seizer".
Hylactor. m. "Barker".
Hylaeus. m. "Sylvan".
Ichnobates. m. "Trail-follower".
Labros. m. "Fury".
Lachne. f. "Shaggy".
Lacon or Lakon. m. "Spartan". .
Ladon. m."Catcher".
Laelaps. m. "Hurricane".
Leucon. m. "White".
Lupa. f. "She-wolf".
Lycisce. f. "Wolf".
Melampus. m. "Black-foot".
Melanchaetes. m. "Black-hair".
Melaneus. m. "Black".
Nape. f. "Glen".
Nebrophonos. m. "Fawn-killer".
Oresitrophos. m. "Mountaineer".
Oribasos. m. "Mountain-ranger".
Pamphagos or Pamphagus. m. "Voracious".
Poemenis. f. "Shepherd".
Pterelas. m. "Winged".
Sticte. f. "Spot".
Theridamas. m. "Beast-killer".
Theron. m. "Hunter".
Thoos. m. "Swift".
Tigris. m. or f. "Tiger; Tigress".

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What was the name of the Basset Hound in the Fox and the Hound?

The dog in the movie is actually a Coon Hound, not a Basset Hound. But to answer the question about the hound, his name is Copper. The voice of Copper is by Corey Feldman. When he grows up his voice is by Kurt Russell. (If you wanted to know) When Todd, the fox, grows up his voice is by Mickey Roone (MORE)

What is a trail-hound?

Trailhounds look similar to foxhounds but are leaner in build. Their originally were bred from foxhounds with other crosses to get a faster hound with a good nose. Probably various out-crosses were tried many years ago before the present type evolved. They are bred for stamina and speed. A 10 mile t (MORE)

What is the name of the girl fox in the Fox and the Hound?

Her name is Vixey. She falls in love with Tod, the main fox fromthe film, after he is released into the wild. She was voiced bySandy Duncan and she is the only female fox who had a name as therewas never given a name to Tod's mother in the movie.

What is huckleberry hound?

Huckleberry "Huck" Hound is a male dog cartoon characterwith a S outhern accent and was created byHanna-Barbera Productions and hedebuted in 1958 .

What was huckleberry hounds son name?

I think you may be getting mixed up, I am sure Huckleberry hound never had a son, but you may be thinking of the misadventures of a father-and-son team "Doggie Daddy and Augie doggie". Doggie Daddy who tried to do the best he could at raising his rambunctious son Augie. Augie, who loved his father, (MORE)

What are all the names of the songs that are played in the movie fox and the hound?

From Imdb.com . "Best of Friends" Music by Richard Johnston Lyrics by Stan Fidel Performed by Pearl Bailey . "Lack of Education" Music and Lyrics by Jim Stafford Performed by Pearl Bailey . "A Huntin' Man" Music and Lyrics by Jim Stafford Performed by Jack Albertson . "Ap (MORE)

What is an airedale hound?

An Airedale is a type of terrier. It is black and tan with a little beard and stands tall. It was originally from Scotland and was bred as a hunting dog. Airedales are very territorial and therefore generally live in a one dog home. They are very lovable and are great with children though. Source: (MORE)

What is a brownie hound?

A brownie hound is a term that refers to suck ups. It comes fromthe phrase "brownie points", implying that a brownie hound wantsnothing more than to earn them.

What is the name of Columbo's basset hound that trails him around?

The Basset hound's name is never given in the show, he is always just referred to as "Dog"; in the same manner that Lieutenant Columbo's first name is never mentioned in the show either. Columbo actually tells someone that his dog has no name; he and his wife could never agree on one. They eithe (MORE)

What is The Hound of Heaven about?

The Hound of Heaven is a 182 line religious http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Poem written by English poet http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Francis_Thompson .

Why dachshund hounds?

Because Dachshunds were bred to hunt, which would usually make them hounds. But some shows and Breed Registry's class Dachshunds as Terriers because they were also bred to go to Earth (dig) after badgers and rabbits. This would normally make them Terriers. So depending on where you live, Dachshunds (MORE)

What is a Beagle hound?

A beagle is a beautiful dog! His size is medium and it's a hunting dog. His basic colors are: white-black-brown, white-light brown

What is a hound?

A hound is a dog with a long snout which allows them to smell and scout. They're ears are also very handy if he hears something a mile away ,like an alarm, he'll howl until you tell him to stop. They are excellent for hunting and even just protecting you at night.

What is the chicken and the hound?

the chicken and hound is a short flim featuring chicken little and rusty the raccoon hound. plot chicken little and rusty are trying to break in juilea's house when they defeat an basketball. they get rich forever.

What is a good name for a coon hound dog?

Males: . scruff . peanut . frisky . bobby . Jacob Females: . daisy . Millie . sparkle . dolly . misty The naming of a coon hound is serious business. I remember my grandfather's coon hound, Deacon. Big redbone/bluetick mix with paws the size of my face. Grandpa called him "Deac (MORE)

Where were basset hounds from?

The Basset Hound is an old breed which is a direct descended of the Bloodhound and has a nose that is almost as outstanding. Some sources suggest the Basset Hound may have originated from genetic dwarf dogs which were born in litters of different types of hunting hounds. The name "Basset Hound" come (MORE)

What is a Posavac Hound?

The Posavac Hound was certified by FCI in 1955 as a unique breed. These dogs were developed in the territories that comprise the former Yugoslavia. Nothing was certain about the origin of this breed but it was speculated that the dogs were developed from the Egyptian dogs that were brought by trader (MORE)

What is an Estonian Hound?

The Estonian Hound is a medium size dog with a strong muscular body, strong bone structure and well-developed muscles. The Estonian Hound is always happy and pleasant. It is balanced, calm and smart with an active temperament. It is friendly and should never be aggressive, but needs to be well socia (MORE)

What are all the characters names in fox and the hound?

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete Mickey Rooney ... Tod (voice) Kurt Russell ... Copper (voice) Pearl Bailey ... Big Mama (voice) Jack Albertson ... Amos Slade (voice) Sandy Duncan ... Vixey (voice) Jeanette Nolan ... Widow Tweed (voice) Pat Buttram ... Chief ( (MORE)

What is the headless hound?

A headless hound appears to be a large black dog, but with an eerie green glow where the head should be. The creature's flanks may be lined with scars or torn open, exposing faintly glowing bones and the absence of innards. The headless hound attacks with a ghostly bite that passes straight through (MORE)

Is a poodle a hound?

Poodles are not in the hound group. If it's a standard or miniature Poodle, it would be in the "Non-Sporting" group. If it's a Toy Poodle, it would be shown in the "Toy" group.

Who is Tomas hound?

Juan Tomàs Hounds is a foxhunting club located in New Mexico. The meet every Friday and Sunday morning between October and March. They are based outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

What is another name for a hound dog?

A "Hound" is a dog that is particularly bred to help hunters bychasing down wild animals for the hunter to shoot. Especially inthe South, they are often called, "Hound dogs". So "Hound" is youranswer.