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What were the names of Queen Boudica?

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what are the names of here kids
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Who was the husband of Queen Boudica?

Prasutagus was the husband of Boudica. For more information about King Prasutagus and Queen Boudica, see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions

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What did Queen Boudica look like?

Is is reported that Queen Boudica was tall, had long red hair down to her knees, and usually wore a multi-coloured tunic, a heavy golden necklace, and a substantial cloak secu

Who was Queen Boudica and what did she do?

Boudicca was queen of the Iceni tribe of what is now known as East Anglia, a peninsula of eastern England. Her dying husband, Prasutagus, left half of his possessions to Rome

Where is the Queen Boudica statue in London?

The Queen Boudicca statue stands near Westminster Bridge, Enbankment, London.   To see a photograph of the statue, see the page link, further down this page, listed under R

Why did Queen Boudica attack Colchester?

It was a sort of capital for the Romans in Britain, and was the location of the Temple of Claudius. Boudica was seeking revenge against the treachery and brutality of the Roma

Why did Queen Boudica kill herself?

Queen Boudica was facing capture by the Romans so instead of them killing her she was said to have drank poison and killed herself.

How did Queen Boudica die?

Boudica poisened herself so she wouldn't get captured by the romans   < After leaving the towns of Londinium and Verulamium unchallenged to Boudicca's rebel army, Suetoniu