What were the positive effects of Martin Luther King Jr?

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Martin Luther King Jr. was born at a time where racism was a big issue in our world. There were the white people and the colored people. White people were treated better than blacks by a milestone. Nobody would ever speak up when they were told to go to the back of the public bus or told to go to a separate bathroom. Oppression was practiced throughout America. The only main two people who spoke out were Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. He believed in no violence. He had always just wanted to have peace and equal rights between Black and Whites. King never wanted fights or war to break out among the two opposing teams but things like those were bound to happen in situations such as when King held boycotts. At first people were scared to follow King but eventually it caught on to more and more people and he had many supporters.
King, one of many Civil Rights leaders in the United States, rose to fame due to his exceptional leadership and debating skills. It is true that the Civil Rights Movement would have occurred with or without Martin Luther King, Jr., but it is also true that without King, the Civil Rights Movement would not have had the same effect on society. It has been said that Martin Luther King, Jr. did not make the Civil Rights Movement, but the Civil Rights Movement made Martin Luther King, Jr. Unlike other prominent American heroes, such as Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, who made their mark in history through their public office, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a regular citizen who rose to glory during his 13-year career as a minister. King wanted to teach Americans that "Our nation's true identity lay not in color and hate but in diversity and love."
Martin Luther King, Jr. was not only involved in changing the face of American oppression, but also had a hand in relieving oppression worldwide. King and the Civil Rights Movement often drew international attention. In 1963, thanks in part to King's work in Alabama; the United Nations adopted a policy called the United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. King travelled the country making speeches and inspiring people to become involved in the civil rights movement. As well as advocating non-violent student sit-ins, King also urged economic boycotts similar to the one that took place at Montgomery. He argued that African Americans made up a large portion of the population and they deserved equal rights.
King not only shaped American civil society during his short life, but also continues to have an influence on civil rights reforms today.
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