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What were the three causes of the US Dust Bowl?

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Farmers had drought conditions, land was over farmed. Almost daily dust storms and heat.
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What was the cause of the Oklahoma dust bowl?

farmers came and settled on the land during a big war withEurope. Europe did not have the time for growing crops so they bought food from the united states. this made farmers

What caused the dust bowl to end?

The dust bowl ended because scientist strategically placed trees in spots of the Great Plains. These trees helped reduce the wind and promote new scientific methods of farming

What are some causes for the dust bowl?

The causes of those phenomena should be partly ascribed to: Reckless and too much intensive soil exploitation, like monoculture and vegetation cutting, which led to a progres

What were causes of the Dust Bowl?

Poor farming practices. Once the earth had been farmed and not enough nutrients were in the soil to continue farming the soil became dry. Dry soil promoted a drought. Without

What contributed to the cause of the dust bowl?

the dust bowl was caused by farmers plowing the ground to deep and it would break the roots of grass wich held the dirt in place.but then winds started picking up loose dirt o

Cause of the dust bowl?

From 1935-1940 the Dust Bowl affected Americans all over the Great Plains. Farmers since the founding of the United States did not practice crop rotation. Which made the dirt

What were the causes of dust bowl?

due to the increasing rate of deforestation, the soil was unbinded and high velosity winds cause loose soil to blow off . thats why people use wet clothes to cover their windo