What were the three names of Hercules' children?

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Hercules was a very prolific father, to say the least. He had way more than three children. Since he was a god, he passed on his genetic material freely. Here's a list of many [Women-Children] related to Hercules:

Aeschreis - Leucones
Aglaia - Antiades
Anthippe - Hippodromus
Antiope - Alopius
Argele - Cleolaus
Asopis - Mentor
Astydamia - Ctesippus
Astyoche - Tlepolemus
Auge - Telephus
Autonoe - Palaemon
Calametis - Astybies
Certhe - Iobes
Chalciope - Thettalus
Chryseis - Onesippus
Clytippe - Eurycapys
Deianira - Hyllus Ctesippus Glenus and Onites
Elachia - Buleus
Eone - Amestrius
Epicaste - Thestalus
Epilais - Astyanax
Erato - Dynastes
Euboea - Olympus
Eubote - Eurypylus
Eury ... Teleutagoras
Eurybia - Polylaus
Eurypyle - Archedicus
Eurytele - Leucippus
Exole - Erythras
Heliconis - Phalias
Hesychia - Oestrobles
Hippo - Capylus
Hippocrate - Hippozygus
Iphis - Celeustanor
Laothoe - Antiphus
Lyse - Eumedes
Lysidice - Teles
Lysippe - Erasippus
Marse - Bucolus
Megara - Therimachus Deicoon and Creontiades
Meline - Laomedon
Menippis - Entelides
Nice - Nicodromus
Nicippe - Antimachus
Olympusa - Halocrates
Omphale - Agelaus
Oriahe - Laomenes
Panope - Threpsippas
Parthenope - Everes
Patro - Archemachus
Phyleis - Tigasis
Praxithea - Nephus
Procris - Antileon & Hippeus
Pyrippehe - Patroclus
Stratonice - Atromus
Terpsicrate - Euryopes
Tiphyse - Lyncaeus
Toxicrate - Lycurgus
Xanthis - Homolippus
Alexiares, Anicetus, Telephus, Hyllus, and Tiepolemus
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