What were the torture techiques of Attila hun?

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He tore apart peoples limbs attaching each limb to a horse and he made the horse go in different directions. He also skinned people, or disemboweled peoples organs. Attila mainly tore peoples limbs of.
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Who was Attila the Hun?

Attila the Hun Attila the Hun (405-453), also sometimes known with the nickname as Attila the Scourge of God (Flagellum Dei) or simply Attila was the most powerful king of th

Attila the hun?

person who invaded a lot of places. And devastated the roman empire.

What did attila the hun do?

Attila the Hun forced and conquered countries to join his army but the Huns themselves were deadly warriors. Huns brought terror and destruction . He attacked Italy and fought

Where did Attila the Hun live?

The huns were a nomadic tribe, as such Attila did not call any one place "home" for very long. During his tenure as tribe leader of the hunnics, he spent most of his time in F

Where did Attila the Hun from?

Today's Hungary. He ruled from the place that is today called Szeged, the southern capital of Hungary in Mid Eastern Europe :)

Did attila the hun ever have kids?

Attila the Hun had several wives and children. While it is true that he died on his wedding night, it was not his first wife that he was marrying that night.