What will be the cost of metal fusion beyblade in Pakistan?

it is 349 or 350 rupees
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Which is the best metal fusion Beyblade?

The exact customization is debatable, but Flash Orion CH120R2F is likely the most powerful beyblade in the world. It gets astonishingly high KO rates against EVERYTHING, and o (MORE)
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Surgery for Arthritis: Bone Fusion

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Is beyblade metal fusion toys are available in Pakistan?

In Pakistan now you can get them from anywhere in Karachi and the orignal you can get them from variety centre. right next to delha walla
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What is an amazing Beyblade you can make in Beyblades metal fusion?

it is Rock Leone. Rock Leone has a perfict spin and never gives up.Nope.The best beyblade of all time is MF-H Flash Orion W145MF.If you don't know what all those fancy numb (MORE)
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