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What will help with menstrual cramps?

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Menstrual cramps are treatable. Your doctor may recommend:Pain relievers. Hormonal birth control, or Surgery when your symptoms are serious.
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What can help menstrual cramps?

i have super bad menstrual cramps when my period comes rolling around, and what i have found that helps them is eating one or two bananas because the potassium in bananas soot

Will Naproxen help with menstrual cramps?

    Yes it will... well usually. Some people say it doesnt but I know at least 5 who say it does. Personally I love it since not only will it take away the pain in les

What foods help menstrual cramps?

Chocolate is good as it releases endorphins which make you happy and less cranky and anything with alot of iron as you are loosing blood it drains you, also lemons as they hav

Do bananas help menstrual cramps?

Yes, well for me they do.   it depends if the cramps are are very very bad or if you eat  bannans alot    Any foods high in potassium will help with menstrual cram

What helps for menstrual cramps?

Sleep, masturbation can help relax the abdominal muscles(but be careful:sometimes it can just make the cramp worse), some medicines like Pamprin or ibuprofen, yoga or stretchi

What can help to reduce menstrual cramps?

Aleve works for me. OTC Pain Medications Heat - Such as heating pads Avoid excessively sweet or salty foods during your period as these contribute to bloating and sluggishn