What will the world be like in 4.6 billion years based on how the plates move?

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It would not be here according to science the sun will is come a red giant and overcome the earth and destroy it.
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What was Earth like 4.6 to 3.5 billion years ago?

The early Earth was a toxic wasteland devoid of all life. After the crust cooled and began to solidify, volcanoes spewed poison gases, methane and ammonia into the atmosphere. As water vapor began to collect from Earth's interior and from space, weather started. Thunderstorms began to fire up and bo (MORE)

What happened when earth was created 4.6 billion years ago?

Answer . the earth had just been formed by gravity and thus the surface was still not complete. it was basically kinda like our sister planet venus in that it was mostly lava. it took a while to cool and when it did, water was able to condense and over time oceans were built around a single land (MORE)

Is it true that the universe is 13.7 billion years old and Earth is 4.6 billion years old?

This question is about the age of the universe and the age of theearth, so any must address both issues and provide supportingevidence for the age of both. Moreover, although scientificestimates are constantly being revised, the real issue is notwhether the estimates are marginally wrong, but whethe (MORE)

What did earth look like 4.6 billion years ago?

Almost like today, but there was only 1 united continent. Those separated later due to an event that happened (not going to speak about that). this answer is SO wrong the continent they are referring to is called Pangaea and Pangaea was formed not until the late Paleozoic period which was only 248 m (MORE)

Can you prove the Bible wrong that Earth is 4.5 to 4.6 billion years old?

A: Scientists do not set out to prove the Bible wrong. That has happened simply as a because scientists found out more about the world and began to realise the Bible is indeed wrong on this point. Answer : There is no specific statement of the age of this planet in Scripture. It is simp (MORE)

What was the earth like about 4.5 billion years ago or 3.5 billion years ago?

4.5 billion years ago puts the Earth in its very early stages. The entire planet was most probably still molten with no atmosphere and under constant bombardment by material that remained from the formation of the solar system. By 3.5 billion years ago, Earth had formed a crust, the oceans had form (MORE)

Did Earth form 4.6 billion years ago?

In theory, yes. Many scientists believe that the Earth formed 4.6 billion years ago. They came to this conclusion by studying rocks and stones deep in the Earth. No one can be sure though.

Is there positive proof that the earth is between 4.5 and 4.6 billion years old?

The scientific evidence for the age of the Earth at roughly 4.6 billion years is overwhelming from radiometric dating of chondritic meteroites and samples of rock from the moon. It is a generally accepted fact based on scientific methods. Efforts to debase the scientific proof are based on religious (MORE)

What was the earth like billions of years ago?

No, the earth billions of years ago. wasent a jungle. If you think about it.. how could trees live in a toxic wasteland made out of around 97% rock, how could trees live there? all it was, was a wasteland mostly rock, where nothing could survive. if you want to know more just watch the documentarys (MORE)

If the Earth is 4.6 billion years old and the earliest existence of human beings was about 2 million years ago then where did human beings come from?

Evolution - simpler life over time makes more complex life. Living things are built to: 1 - survive and 2 - continue life (procreate in some way.) With enough time, simple proteins join to make complex proteins; complex proteins join to make amino acids; proteins and acids join to make a simple sing (MORE)

Why don't scientists find rocks anywhere as old as 4.6 billion years--the age of the Earth?

In order to get an age for a rock, the rock needs to have been solidified and then remain un-modified (by heat, groundwater and pressure) since the time it was solidified. Obviously the ages we obtain using earth's rocks will be younger than the age of the formation of the solar system (and earth) b (MORE)

Is it true that the sun 4.6 billion years old?

No, some people estimate that through evolution. But for real, real real and I mean real the sun is roughly 6,000 years old. Believe me, it's true. ======== Modern science estimates the age of the sun to be around 4.57 billion years.

How many minutes did earth form 4.6 billion years ago?

The dust and gas from the solar nebula took about 10-20 million years to form into the earth starting with the molten centre of the Earth which cooled down to form a crust that allowed water to begin to accumulate. In one year there is 525 948.766 minutes. So 525 948.766 x 10= 5259487660000000 minu (MORE)

Will the world end in 5 billion years?

No one knows quite when the world will end, yet the thought of it ending in 5 billion years is not really that relevant since obviously neither you nor I will ever live that long to see if it is true or not. :)

What is 4.6 billion years old?

There are probably a great number of things in the universe that are 4.6 billion years old, but the one we're most familiar with is our solar system. We believe that our Sun and its system of planets formed about 4.6 billion years ago. No EXACTLY 4.6 billion years ago, of course, but within plus or (MORE)

How was the universe formed 4.6 billion years ago?

The Big Bang theory, google it. Edit : OK, but what's "Answers" for then? Anyway, I agree it's a big question. I'll let someone else have a go at it. I would just point out that the Big Bang is reckoned to have been about 13.7 billion years ago. That number of 4.6 billion seems to relate to the (MORE)

Who says the world is 4.6 billion years old?

Every scientist that has looked objectively at the data relating to the Earth's age has come to the same conclusion that the age of the Earth must be of the order of 4.6 billion years. Early, flawed, estimates of the age of the Earth came from such methods as calculating the rate of cooling of the (MORE)

How did the earth appear some 4.6 billion years ago?

Current Scientific Theories indicate that the Earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago by the various rocks and other materials that expanded after the Big Bang, and likely other Cosmic Materials that contributed to the formation of other planets. Asteroids were common, and each time they hit what wou (MORE)

What years did the tectonic plates move?

They are constantly moving and shifting around each other. The effect of too much shifting over a period of time is an earthquake . The plates never stopo moving so it means it is moving every year

What 4.6 billion years is in to the earth?

ADAM and EVE was Exist almost hundred Thousand of years ago it is not true that mankind LIVE in this world almost 6000 years it is LIE and fake, the Mayan Civilization was exist almost 35 Thousand years ago and if Adam and Eve was almost 6000 years;why the Mayan exist almost 35 thousand years ago? t (MORE)

Is 4.6 billion is equal to 4576.2 million?

Those two numbers are certainly not equal, as you can see just by looking at them. 4.6 billion = 4,600 million 4,576.2 million = 4.5762 billion But . . . when 4,576.2 million is rounded to the nearest hundred million (0.1 billion), it's 4.6 billion.

How did geologists know that earth and the solar system are approximately 4.6 billion years old?

It's quite simple really. What happens to something when it dies? It decomposes, right? This doesn't just apply to living things though. It applies to all atoms. All atoms give off radiation even in small amounts. This is referred to as radioactive decay. This happens at a set rate. It i (MORE)

Is the world going to end in a few billion years?

No - there is a reasonable end to the Earth! At some point in the very far future (5 billion years or so) the Sun will expand to engulf the Earth and that will be the end of humanity if it has survived to that point - I doubt any humans as we know them today will be there to witness this - we will b (MORE)

What does a moving plate look like?

think of a massive piece of land that is bigger than a continent now think of you standing in front of it while it moves toward you at speeds slower than a snail stuck in hot tar. another way to think of it, it took BILLIONS of years of that constant snail in hot tar pace to move the continents into (MORE)

How many millions is 4.6 billion?

4.6 billion is 4,600,000,000.... hundreds then thousands then millions then billions. Therefore 4,600 million or " four thousand six hundred million"

What is 4.6 billion years in seconds?

145 quadrillion seconds, approx. Since the number of years is given to 2 significant digits, any precision greater than 3 significant digits is pointless.

How was the earth like 4.0 billion years?

HOT!!! 4 billion years ago, the Earth was still newly re-formed and becoming solid, after the titanic collision with another planet perhaps as large as Mars.There probably wasn't much in the way of atmosphere or surface water. No life at all; that would come a little less than a billion years later. (MORE)

Was life formed from nonliving things 3.5 and 4.6 billion years ago?

4.6 billion years ago, our planet was far too hot to permit life ofany kind. Indeed, life would have been difficult here even duringthe Late Heavy Bombardment (LHB), which occurred about 4.0 billionyears ago. There is strong evidence of cellular life here about 3.55 billionyears ago. That would ind (MORE)