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The longest word that can be found in the dictionary is, Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis. This word contains 45 letters. There are longer words that have been used in science but none of them have been coined as official words.
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What is the word with the most double letters?

Possessionlessness has 4 double-letter combinations. Also notable: - bookkeeper has 3 - Mississippi has 3 - addressee has 3 Bookkeeper is a good start. But what if they are one of a few bookkeepers? Then they would be a Subbookkeeper. This as 4 doubles in a row Committee is a good 3 double (MORE)

What word has the most meanings in the English language Hint It is a 3 letter word?

The answer is the word: SET verb, set, set⋅ting, noun, adjective, interjection. -verb (used with object)(there are in all 119 uses for the word SET, here are a few) . 1.. to put (something or someone) in a particular place: to set a vase on a table.. 2.. to place in a particular positi (MORE)

What two words have the most letters?

1.The word with the most letters is a name of protein, as a name, it technically does not qualify as a word, but at 1913 characters, we just had to include it. Theoretically these names can contain an infinite amount of characters, but this one qualifies as it has actually been used in a medical jou (MORE)

What is the most difficult 45 letter word?

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovalcanikoniosis definition: A lung desease caused by inhaling valcanic inhabitents (ash) Also Finnish word epajarjestelmallistyttamattomyydellaansakaankohan The longest word currently listed in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovo (MORE)

What two words contain the most letters?

It would probably be some scientific name of something. Long words that we use normally might be like the long form of DNA. Probably cytosine and thymine those are scientific words

What four letters make the most four-letter words?

There is only one group that can make SIX words. "S-T-O-P" can makeSTOP, POST, TOPS, OPTS, POTS, and SPOT. "E-A-S-T" can make FIVEwords. EAST, EATS, SATE, SEAT, and TEAS. Several other groups canmake four words. Great question!!

Most common three letter words?

T And, ant, ape, arc, art, ash, ate, axe, bob, box, bug, cat, cry, dog, dig, dry, eat, fag, fox, fry, got, gut, had .........there are hundreds of them

What three letter word that starts with r has the most definitions?

Run has many definitions, as a verb:. 1. To sprint (I ran the relay race.). 2. To operate (I run the drill press.). 3. To ooze or flow (Sap runs.). 4. To bleed (The fabric dye runs.). 5. To manage (She runs the factory.). As a noun:. 1. A period of operation (The show had a 3-year run.). 2. (MORE)

What words have the most silent letters?

There are many that have three or more, including silent GH (doubled letters are usually not considered silent). bombsight - B, G, H knowledgeable (K, D, ending E) The word brougham (brOm) has either 3 or 4, depending on the OU-as-O vowel pair. And straightedge can be considered to have 4 or 5 (G, (MORE)

Which three letter word somewhat related to maths has the most definitions in the English language?

The answer is: SET . The word 'set' has 464 definitions making it the most. Its main definition contains 10,000 words making it the longest definition also.. "Set" has 464 definitions in the Oxford English Dictionary . "Run" runs a distant second, with 396. Rounding out the top ten are "go" wit (MORE)

Which two words has the most letters?

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia. The fear of long words. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. A lung disease caused by volcanic ash. The two words are the dictionary and the library .

Are most chain letters true?

NO. they just write something scary but it's not real. A few weeksago I read one and it said if you don't post this he will kill you.it's been a few weeks I'm STILL alive. so they are not true so youdon't have to do it No they're not I got 1 from habbo and it said if you don't do thisyour parents wi (MORE)

What is the word with the most letters in the world?

(Note: If you see the word and a - symbol, it means the word continues to the next line until there are no more - symbols.) There are words in all different languages, and can only be counted as the word with the most letters in their language, and not compared against other lang (MORE)

What word contains the most letter Es?

' Ethylenediaminetetraacetate ' has 7 'E's, but since it is a chemical name, it is looked upon as cheating (chemical names can be lengthened simply by adding more parts). The next highest number is 6, in 'degenerescence', and 5 in both 'effervescence' and 'beekeeper'.

What word has the most repeated letter?

Possessionlessnesses has 9 S's . Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcaniconiosis has 9 O's . However, look up the full chemical name for Titin. It has anaverage 7300 of each letter.

What letter is the most common as the first letter of a word?

If talking about Scrabble-legal English words: The most common first letter of a word is S. The numbers for all the letters are listed below. A: 10771 B: 9973 C: 16588 D: 10402 E: 7184 F: 7138 G: 5874 H: 6498 I: 6628 J: 1480 K: 1857 L: 5317 M: 9949 N: 4454 O: 6057 P: 15066 Q: 850 R: 10518 S: 197 (MORE)

What is the most common misspelled word with 11 letters?

That depends if you have been asked a riddle that goes like this "What is the only 11 letter word in the English language that is always spelled incorrectly" the answer would be "incorrectly". But if you are seriously trying to answer this question then sorry... can't help you.

What 2 words have the most letters?

I think they might be Lopadotemakhoselakhogameokranioleipsanodrimypotrimmatosilphiokarabomelitokatakekhymenokikhlepikossyphophattoperister-alektryonoptokephalliokigklopeleiolagōiosiraiobaphētraganopterýgōn, and(get ready for it.....)Methionylthreonylthreonylglutaminylal...... rylglycylp (MORE)

What word rhymes with the most words?

blight, trite, fight, slight, bright, fright, write, rite, wright, tight, night, light, sight, white, flight, right, might shine, nine, dine, fine, mine, sign, sine, brine, array, ay, bay, bray, belay, cay, clay, day, delay, fay, Friday, fillet, flay, fray, gay, hay, hey, jay, Kay, lay, lei, m (MORE)

Which letter is most used in scrabble?

It depends. The most likely used letter has to have the most number of letter tiles in the scrabble game. In standard scrabble, the letter tile 'E' has the most number of tiles (twelve).

What phobia has the most letters?

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is rather long, however, I don't know if it's the longest one. Ironically, it is the fear of long words.

What one word has most letters in it?

Please specify. German language, for one, allows you to put sentences into a single word, there is no actual limit to the word's length. In general Welsh is my best betfor single words.

What word can you make the most words out of?

There are several long words from whose letters large numbers of smaller words can be formed. One of these is antidisestablishmentarianism . (about 4650 words). But if we allow "created" words, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious creates over 9300 smaller words out of its 35 letters. With (MORE)

What most common words begin with the letter o?

· obedient · obese · oblong · obnoxious · obscene · observant · obsolete · obvious · occasional · odd · oddball · offbeat · offensive · official · oily · old · old-fashioned · one · onerous · only · (MORE)

What is the most unimportant letter in the alphabet?

"Q" is the obvious one. Without the "U", it is pronounced the same as "K". With the "U" it is pronounced as "Kw". "Queen" is easily replaced with "Kween". The most useless letter could be "C", though. It makes the "k" or "s" sound. However, it is useful as "ch", and would be hard to replace with ano (MORE)

A word that contains most of these letters apaobiw?

The longest word possible from the Scrabble dictionary is four letters, 'obia'. There are several three-letter words possible: aba abo apo awa baa bap bio boa bop bow oba obi paw pia poi pow wab wap wop