What word starting with t tells us how fast or slow a song is going?

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Why do downloads start fast and then slow down?

First let me welcome you to the World Wide Web. The WWW is a vast connection of computers throughout the world. When more computers try and access the web we have what city pe

Do platypus go fast or slow?

They may go fast when they chase after something.sometimes theyfast or slow... When they go slow they are sneaky.when they aresneaky they want to kill what ther after what out

Can your heart go to fast or to slow?

it goes both when your exited, running, jogging, or power walking your heart goes fast when your com and doing nothing or just doing normal basics and slows down to a normal r
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Does the earth go fast or slow?

For example, the movement of Earth around the Sun is about 30 km/sec. You decide whether you consider this fast or slow; but it is quite fast compared to speeds we are accusto