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What would be main features of a feminist dictatorship?

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1) It exists now in many countries.
2) The purpose of such dictatorship is to control and exploit men, but, contrary to before, men get nothing in return. (Men have always been controlled and exploited by women, but they did get something from women too.)
3) Men are easily plundered, their kids killed before or after birth, and men are helpless. Feminists control police, courts, media, schools, religion etc.
4) Bad women suffer too, because they loose best things in life that stolen money can't buy and their judges can't order.
5) Good women suffer too, seeing the destruction of their sons, brothers etc.
6) Feminist "Rule of 2 Women": feminists help only women who hate. For instance, in a court case involving 2 women, one supports him, other wants to destroy him. Court will always side with the bad woman. Even if many woman will suffer, court will go ahead and punish the man; feminist judges hate men more than they love women.
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